New-Look Lakers to wear New-Look Jerseys


Elias Harris, along with the rest of the team, wore a prototype of the short sleeve jersey that the Lakers will wear for select games this season.

With the new-look Lakers roster, it’s only fitting that they will sport new short-sleeve jerseys for select games this year. Last year, the Golden State Warriors became the first to wear these Adidas short-sleeve outfits.

During the preseason this year, 17 of the 30 teams in the league competed donning these uniforms. The National Basketball Association (NBA) hopes to expand this new look to more teams this season.

Adidas, which is the brand that sponsors NBA uniforms, stated that these uniforms are “the first-ever super lightweight stretch woven short with maximum ventilation for player comfort.”

They are reportedly 26 percent lighter than the jerseys we recognize today.

Although they have these benefits, it has been noticed during the preseason that some players cut parts of the sleeve to make it more comfortable.

“I think it’s unnecessary to make this change,” said Kobe Damaso, sophomore and lifelong Lakers fan. “I don’t like them.”

So then why are these changes even taking place? What’s the point of changing something that has no faults?

“These jerseys are an opportunity to sell merchandise,” said James De Monbrun, West Ranch’s JV basketball coach. “Although I personally do not like the jerseys, I understand that the NBA is a business.

This is a truth that many forget. The NBA is a company that generates roughly four billion dollars annually, and these jerseys are another way to boost that number up. The NBA is slowly getting more and more teams to wear these uniforms; starting with the Warriors last year, they have pushed both the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns on-board for this season.

It is rumored that the NBA is getting a step closer to adding sponsor branding on their jerseys, like they do on soccer jerseys. The short-sleeve jersey would give more places to put the logo without affecting the team name.

Another question remains: Will the jerseys change how players perform?

“I don’t think they’ll have any effect on the game,” said De Monbrun.

Well, I’m sure many fans hope they do.