WR Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team Makes History

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WR Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team Makes History

Harneet Arora, Sports Writer

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On Sept. 22, our girls’ varsity tennis team played their rivals, Valencia, and won 13-5. Throughout the whole game, the team put up quite the fight and was eager to beat their main competitors. Multiple matches ended in tiebreakers, but one in particular got everyone standing on the sideline to cheer.

Freshman Jordyn McBride put on quite the show at the end of the first half. With her singles match going into the tiebreaker game and up to the very last point at 6-5, McBride made a great play that put her over the top. She won that game 7-5 and the match 7-6 (follow @wrpawprint on Twitter to see her winning match point). Seeing McBride fight till the very end definitely empowered the rest of the team leading to their major success at the game. Great job Wildcats.

Over the years, many tennis teams have lost to the dominating Valencia Vikings, but the win on Sept. 22 was an important one for Wildcat history.

“It was a really big match because I don’t even remember the last time that we beat Valenica,” said Captain Brittany Waugh. “We have always been second or third behind Valencia so beating them was a huge win for us.” For the first time in a long history of defeat, West Ranch has dominated their rivals. This win gives the LadyCats the confidence and skill needed to come out on top this year.

“I really think that this is going to help our team grow. We are going to be pretty dominant the next few years even when the seniors leave, said captain Brittany Waugh.

The team is stronger than ever and has the potential to go all the way. Congratulations Wildcats on a fantastic match and good luck in the future!



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