Girls Soccer Season Preview

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Girls Soccer Season Preview

Jasleen Arora, Staff Writer

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This season, the girls’ soccer team plans to kick off their new season strong and hopefully be the first to earn a league title and go far in the playoffs.

“Last year we finished in third place in league, and lost first round of playoffs to Sunny Hills high school. We made playoffs for the third straight year and fifth in program history,” said coach Jared White who has been coaching for the past six years.

Of course with every new season, the teams are aiming to succeed and improve from the previous years by coming up with new techniques.

“Stay healthy and injury free is a priority. A commitment to work hard every day and to improve every time we step on the field is crucial for our success,” said coach Jared White.

With hours of practice, and conditioning after school, the girls soccer team strives to fix their weaknesses and to improve their strengths. By participating in preseason games and tournaments, they are able to go over the mistakes made in games and polish their skills in time for league.

“Our team has been practicing every day with technical and tactical work in order to get us ready for this upcoming season,” said senior captain Rheana Patterson.

In addition to improving teamwork and relationships between the players, each person has been putting in extra effort outside of school to improve their performances in order to increase their individual skills and work to reach their personal goals.

“Our main competitor would probably be Hart and Valencia. My goal is to shut out Hart. I want to like completely destroy Hart,” said senior Abby Ashlock.

The team has welcomed back many senior players that are looking forward to playing their last soccer season at West Ranch with their teammates.

“We’re really hoping to get stronger on and off the field. We want to build a strong team relationship and have great chemistry that will carry us through the season” said senior captain Erin Meottel.

Good luck this season Cats!

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