Girls Volleyball Season Preview

Jasleen Arora, Staff Writer

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After sharing the title of CIF champions with Valencia High School and graduating seven of their seniors, the West Ranch volleyball team hopes to finally defeat their rivals with the help of new coach Jamey Ker.

“I know that Valencia has been the queen of the valley for the last several years, so one of my goals is to make us the new queen,” said Ker. “I plan to start a new dynasty here at West Ranch and make us the top dogs in the Santa Clarita valley; that’s my goal.”

Before becoming a volleyball coach 10 years ago, Ker had competitively been playing volleyball at UCLA for four years, so he has plenty of experience to give the young team what they need to win another CIF championship. Ker began with a unique choice, deciding to choose sophomore Allison Jacobs as the new team captain.

“That was actually really scary for me because I didn’t want to think in their heads like ‘I am a junior, or I am a senior and why am I not picked to be captain.’ So when the news was released, I tried my best to act as if the team was just a bunch of friends together, rather than just seniority,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs has also made a life-changing decision that most students do not make until their senior year, choosing to verbally commit to UCLA and further her volleyball career in college.

“I have visited a whole bunch of places and I knew that UCLA was my home,” said Jacobs. “I am really excited. By practicing five times a week, I just have to take advantage of all those touches that will get me to be the best I can before I leave for UCLA. ”

As a captain, Jacobs’ main goal is to keep her group of friends together and hopefully ensure that as a team they win another championship.

“Our team is really young so we still have a lot of potential. So, as a captain, I really just want to embrace that potential and strive to be the best that we can be because other, older teams like Valencia and Hart are going to be serious competition,” said Jacobs.

Coach Ker has played a major role in preparing the team for success by taking a different approach during practice.

“Our new coach is incredible. He just took on the program. It doesn’t even seem like he is new, he really just blends and during practices, we have practices where we are going all out and working hard and recently we just had a practice where we just sat down and learned. Since our team is so young we just learned about the game,” said Jacobs.

Along with sophomore Allison Jacobs, junior Sophie Bobal, junior Victoria Del Rosario, and sophomore Gwen Garate are all skilled players to look out for on the court.

Let’s have another great season Cats!


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