LA Sports Teams

LA Sports Teams

Jay Singh, Staff Writer

LA Sports Teams

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. Because of this, wouldn’t it make sense that LA sports teams are major staples in the sports that they play in? They capture the attention and awe of all. These teams are so popular that there are two teams for each major sport! This year some of the teams have been rejuvenated and injected with a new buzz, while some have had a dismal summer. Let’s take a look at each of the key LA sport teams.


Clippers, Lakers

The Lakers are looking to have a great season this year after having a confusing offseason. They have added Lonzo Ball, the second pick in the NBA draft, Kyle Kuzma, and Brook Lopez. But even though they made these great moves, the Lakers also traded away the best player on their roster, D’angelo Russell. This means the Lakers are giving the keys of their future to Lonzo Ball, a rookie with no NBA experience, which is confusing to me. Showtime also hopes to obtain development from all of their younger players, such as Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson. If everything clicks in the right place for the Lakers, they should expect to make the playoffs as a low seed.

On the other hand, the Clippers have had a disappointing offseason. They traded their star point guard Chris Paul to the Rockets, for Patrick Beverley, Sam Dekker and Lou Williams, along with a first round pick for the 2018 NBA Draft. Although Lob City received a couple of serviceable players, this haul is not worth Chris Paul’s value. In another trade the Clippers also got Danilo Gallinari, a solid starter. Besides these moves, the team remained largely the same. The Clippers are now hoping to make the playoffs as a low seed; 6-8 seed.


Rams, Chargers

The Rams had a disappointing season last year. After moving back to LA and drafting first overall pick Jared Goff to be their quarterback for the future, many expected the Rams to have a solid season, last year. But the Rams had an awful season, as Goff was unable to perform and, as a result the offense was atrocious. Despite this, I expect the Rams to have a better season this year. This is because they have a new-and-improved offensive line to protect Goff. This change will allow for Goff to get off some decent throws, and this in turn will revitalize their running game and Todd Gurley. And their defense will be great, as always, allowing for the Rams to have a solid season. I am predicting that they be close to, if not making, the playoffs this year.

As for the Chargers, it’s the same old story. The Chargers have future hall of famer, Philip Rivers, to deliver great throws to their solid, albeit injured, receivers. The Chargers also have a superb running game, thanks to Melvin Gordon. The Chargers also have a decent defense. The only problem with the Chargers is their tendency to get injured. Despite all of this talent, the Chargers will be one of the best teams to not make the playoffs this year. This is because of the great teams in AFC West, the division where the Chargers play in, and their injury tendency.


Dodgers, Angels

The Dodgers are in the midst of a great season. The first half of the season was extraordinary. The Dodgers won 11 games in a row and they won 16 games in 17 games. This great first half, of the season, led to a ridiculously huge margin between the Dodgers and the rest of their division. But as the season continued rolling, they fell into a slump. During a 17-game stretch, later on in the season, the Dodgers won 1 game and lost 16. This is the worst 17 game stretch for any 90 win team ever. Currently, their record is 97-56 and the Dodgers still hold the crown for the National League West. They hope to win the World Series, despite their slump.

As for the Angels, they have had a mediocre season. They have had an average, low playoff season. But currently, their wild card hopes are dwindling as the losses continue to pile up. Currently the Angels sit at 76-76 and second in the American League West.


Galaxy, LA FC

Last year, LA Galaxy had a solid year. They were the third seed in the western conference. Unfortunately, they lost in the semi-finals due to penalty kicks. They were looking to bounce back this year, but things went horribly wrong. They are currently tied for the worst record in their conference and in the whole MLS league. The Galaxy are now hoping they get out of the “funk” they have been in this season and return to their winning ways. Los Angeles is also expecting a new MLS soccer team, Los Angeles FC. They are expected to debut in 2018.


Kings, Ducks

The Kings have obtained great success during the 2010s. They have won two Stanley Cups and have been a staple in the Stanley Cup playoffs. But last year their success wasn’t present. The Kings were tenth in the western conference and they missed the playoffs. Currently they are in preseason, and are hoping to rectify their mistakes from last year.

As for the Ducks, they had a great year. The Ducks were the third seed in their division, and enjoyed great success in the playoffs. The Ducks made it all the way to the conference finals, but they lost four games to two against Nashville. With a year of extra experience and a great roster, they are expecting to make an all-in run at the Stanley Cup this year.


In LA, all of the teams’ success is staggered. In some sports, the teams are great: Ducks and Dodgers, in others they are mediocre: Clippers, Angels, Kings, Rams, and Chargers, and in some they are just horrendous: Lakers and Galaxy. Nonetheless, these teams are all entertaining and fun. That’s all that matters in sports.