Super Bowl Preview


Jay Singh, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year, and this year’s game will be an amazing one. The Eagles will face the Patriots in a rematch of the Super Bowl 13 years ago. The Patriots are the favorite of most, but the Eagles, after a breakout season, are going to give the defending champs all they can handle. Here’s why:

Is there really much to say about the Patriots offense? According to ESPN, they are the leaders in offensive yards and the second highest scoring offense of the year . They are led by the transcendent quarterback Tom Brady and exemplary offensive mind Bill Belichick. On the other side, the Eagles are led by Nick Foles and Doug Pederson. ESPN reports that the Eagles are third in passing yards, fourth in rushing yards, and fourth in points in the postseason. In these playoffs, the Eagles have exceeded all expectations for them on the offensive end and Nick Foles is leading the Eagles by delivering on time plays, crucial for the Eagles’ wins. Despite the Cinderella Eagles offense, the Patriots are by far the better offense.

On the other side of the ball, the Eagles’ defense is their real strength. ESPN states that they are fourth in sacks, second in interceptions, and third in fumble recoveries. But these stats do not tell the whole story. The Eagles have the ability to bottle up their opponents with their stifling defense. The Pats comparatively have had their fair share of struggles on the defensive end, but have managed to pick up the play. They are second in tackles, first in sacks, and fourth in forced fumbles. The Patriots have a great front line, but the weakness of this defense is their secondary. The Patriots have a solid defense, but the Eagles all around have the best defense in this game. So far, the teams have been shown to be very evenly matched. The Pats offense when matched up with the Eagles defense, will balance the advantages each team has. This game might come down to the play of their special teams. The Eagles have a solid unit as they are second in kick return yards average and fifth in punt return yard average. But they haven’t scored a touchdown this postseason. Conversely, the Patriots have had one of the best special teams units throughout the past few years. Because of this, the Patriots have the edge here because of their ability to dominate.

As the stats so far have proven, the Patriots and Eagles are very evenly matched, so when two teams of this caliber meet up in a high-pressure game, the team with more experience and intangibles is most likely to win. For that reason, the Patriots will likely be able to pull out a win, giving Tom Brady and Bill Belichick their sixth Super Bowl victory.