Boys volleyball crushes Valencia

Harneet Arora, Staff Writer

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On Thurs. April 19, West Ranch boys volleyball dominated Valencia, ending the game after just the first three sets. With outstanding plays from many players, Zach Drake and Andrew Benser rose to the occasion and showcased their skill with powerful kills and overall aggressiveness.

“What we did was we stopped them from doing what they like to do, and we continued to do what we like to do which is be very aggressive whether we are serving or hitting,” said Coach Brandon Johnson. “We are going to make mistakes, but we were just very aggressive and it earned us a lot of points.”

The team’s aggressiveness showed from the beginning of the game. After fighting for every ball and, the Wildcats sealed the first set with an outstanding score of 25-11. The second game was a little bit more of a challenge, but still, the Cats proved their dominance. The third set, though, had the crowd in for a battle. After leading for nearly the entire third set, the Cats prepared to rejoice. But refusing to back down, Valencia came back from a huge deficit and tied the set at 24. From there, it was a back and forth struggle. Eventually, the Cats won 28-26 and ended match winning 3-0.

“The thing with our league is that because we are all rivals with everyone else, every match is very tough,” said Johnson. “Every team is going to be gunning for us so we need to maintain the mindset of the next match being extremely important, treating every point as extremely important, and fighting as hard as we can to earn every point against any team we play.”

Join the Cats in their next home game on Tues. May 1. Good luck Cats!

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