Path To The Draft: Meet NFL Draft Prospect Dalton Risner

Zach Singer, Sports Writer



Born in Wiggins, CO., Dalton Risner set on a football path when he announced he would be taking his talents to Kansas State. Risner, now a five-year senior OT (Offensive Tackle), made his name blocking for the Wildcats. After five extremely impressive seasons, Risner proved himself as one of the best offensive lineman in college football. This has allowed him to have an opportunity in the NFL. This past Monday, The Paw Print had the chance to interview him as he began his path to the draft.


Q: What was your favorite moment playing for Kansas State?


A: I think I have to say my Senior Night this year against Texas Tech. My coaches gave me the go ahead to run this play we ran all year. I got to catch it and score a touchdown. It ended up getting called back, but it was still one of the coolest plays. I got to catch it, score in front of the fans at the last time I will ever play at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. You know every senior looks forward to Senior Night, so that was awesome.


Q: Is there a football player you look up to or idolize?


A: He doesn’t play anymore, but I looked up to Tim Tebow a lot. I’m big when it comes to using my platform to impact and be a world changer. I thought that Tim Tebow did an extremely good job of that, regardless of the criticism he received. I just looked up to him a ton. I look up to fellow offensive lineman Nate Solder a lot as well: playing for the Patriots, winning Super Bowls and giving back in so many ways. He’s also from a small town in Colorado like myself. So I look up to him a lot, too.


Q: Speaking about Colorado, would the Denver Broncos be a preferred destination in the NFL?


A: Ah, are you kidding me man? Of course. That would truly be a dream come true. I would love to play for the Denver Broncos. I grew up watching those cats through thick and thin. You know, I’ve watched them through the Jake Plummer days all the way to the Kyle Orton days. Yeah, I’ve watched them through the good and the bad. It would be a real honor.


Q: Do you have a special routine before game day?


A: No, nothing crazy. I stick to the same routine every day. I’m not big on playing music. I’ll play music on the bus. But once I hit the locker room, I’m done with the music. I like to mix up with my guys and go over last minute game plans with my fellow teammates. I like to get out there and warm up my body several times. I like to get dressed early and even watch some of the other games going on. You know, I kind of do the same things repeatedly. I like to review my playbook as well as doing a quiz on the plays. Reviewing each person’s assignment is huge as well. You know, I’m just locked in and get pretty focused. I was a team captain at Kansas State as well, so I did my best to lead my fellow offensive lineman along the way as well.


Q: Do you have any careers you would like to pursue after football?


A: Of course. I majored in Communications at Kansas State. I love to talk to new people. I love to meet new people. It’s just a really special thing that I enjoy. So definitely public speaking and being able to mentor young lads. Also, I would like to be a coach one day as well. Probably not at the collegiate level because I would want to have time with my family. But to be a high school coach or offensive line coach is something that I definitely want to achieve. And even one day, I would like to open a restaurant. So I have many careers I would like to do after playing football.


Q: This year, Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder announced his retirement. What impact did he have on your career?


A: I went to Kansas State because of Bill Snyder. Coach Snyder isn’t a coach who puts football first. He truly cares about our education as well as how we are molded as young men. I don’t think there is a better coach in the nation who really emphasizes who you become and sets you on the path for the rest of your life. He has helped me become a better man, a better teammate, a better father, a better son. He always talked about the game of life and how football has connections to life. He was just, overall, a tremendous life coach.


The Paw Print would like to wish Dalton Risner the best as he begins his path to the draft. If you would like to follow Dalton Risner’s path you can follow his social media accounts below.


Twitter: @DaltonBigD71

Instagram: @dalton_risner71