Powderpuff Game Ends with Unexpected Outcome


Brooke Johnston, Staff Writer

Wildcats had been placing bets on who they thought would win the Powderpuff showdown between the class of 2019 and the class of 2020 on May 1. However, no one won any money. The outcome was one nobody prepared for: a tie.

The juniors shocked the crowd in the first half of the game when Brooke Fenenbock ran for a 12-yard touchdown. However, senior quarterback Sam Breitbach ran the entire playing field for a touchdown ten minutes later.  

Play was very competitive for the remainder of the game. Junior Joanna Mincy intercepted a pass by the seniors, drastically turning the tides during an important play. Players on both sides jumped on the sidelines in excitement and cheered loudly for their teammates on the field.

With just ten seconds left in the game, the scoreboard read 6-6, and there was only time for one more play. The seniors charged down the side of the field, but the juniors quickly stopped them before they had the chance to score. Although the matchup ended in a draw, the juniors came closer to victory than they have in three years.

Great game, juniors and seniors!