West Ranch gloriously defeats Royal High School at homecoming game

Gaby Lesmana, Mia Ouyang, Jessica Son, and Emily Yoon

  On Sept. 13, the cheers of the student body filled the stadium as the football team ran onto the field. That night, the arena seemed to be teeming with even more excitement as students got ready for the homecoming football game, which ended with a score of 44-21. 

   With the Wildcats up against Royal, everybody was buzzing with anticipation, both for the performance of the famously competitive West Ranch football team and the announcement of homecoming queen. 

   During the beginning of the first quarter, Reiger Burgin scored the first touchdown of the night, and the crowd, band and cheerleaders went wild. This would only be his first out of four touchdowns in that night’s game.  By the beginning of the second quarter, Wildcats led 7-0.

   A field goal, kicked by Richard Padilla Jr., brought the score up in the second quarter to 10-0. With West Ranch in the lead to end the quarter, the crowd waited eagerly for the presentation of homecoming court at halftime.

   The halftime show started off with West Ranch cheer, which got everyone into spirit. Then the 2019 West Ranch senior homecoming princesses walked across the field with their dads on a red carpet. The audience was on the edge of their seats as they announced the homecoming queen, Elle Park. After congratulating the queen and all the princesses, the West Ranch dance team concluded the halftime show with a spectacular performance.

   An unexpected surprise showed up after halftime: Mackenzie Ziegler, star of “Dance Moms,” and “Stuck in the Middle” actor Isaak Presley, graced the stadium with their presence. Soon, they were bombarded with

requests, and both tried to fulfill them all. Even West Ranch’s own Principal Crawford got a photo with the two stars. 

   Meanwhile, the Wildcats scored 27 points during the 3rd and 4th quarters and brought us up to a 23-point lead. 

   All in all, West Ranch’s homecoming game brought students not only the usual excitement of a Friday night football game, but also a few unexpected (yet welcome) surprises. 

   After ending with a 44-21 victory, West Ranch proved once again that our football team is the best. With their voices hoarse and stars in their eyes, students left the stadium ready to rock and roll at the homecoming dance.