West Ranch’s Marching Band wins the Hart Rampage


A huge turnout applauded each of the 34 marching bands that performed at the 30th Hart Rampage.

On Sat., Oct. 26, the West Ranch marching band along with the color guard competed in the 30th anniversary Hart Rampage competition at the College of the Canyons (COC) football stadium.

The squad put in countless hours to prepare for this renowned event, with summer camp dating back all the way to the end of July.

Their performance consisted of vibrant music, crisp movements, and a smooth flow. The team marched on the COC stadium as they harmonized with their various instruments. The music was accompanied by the color guard, who displayed graceful movements to complement the band. This formula equated to success as the teams won various trophies in different categories including first place in auxiliary, which means that they had the best color guard.

“Literally, today was the first time we did our entire show—  ever,” said Jason Marshall, the marching band’s instructor. “It’s been a long process to learn everything and get it all finished and perfected.”

Despite the fact that they never ran the full show before the actual event, the team won first place overall, a huge feat considering that 34 teams from all over southern California competed in the tournament.

“We’ve been preparing really hard every week and we’re really proud of how we did,” said Kevin Kim, the head drum line, as he hoisted the gleaming trophy for all to see.

West Ranch is a household name in the world of marching band, as this year’s first place trophy marks a three-year winning streak at the Rampage event.

Marching band is always working behind the scenes to improve as a team and support our football team. They are at every home game, and they play cheerful tunes to encourage the Wildcats and sometimes instill fear in the opponents’ teams.

“[Marching band] kind of holds the school together. Although most people don’t notice us, we put in a lot of work to be really good,” said band member Christy Fryerson.

This is very true. Our marching band has put in countless hours since the beginning of summer to achieve the prestige they have earned by winning this tournament. The team practices every Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes even on Saturday to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Next time you go to a football game, pay attention to our world-class marching band. If anybody at our school can be called unsung heroes, it’s definitely them.

“I’m really glad that they were rewarded with [first place] tonight,” said Marshall after the Rampage tournament. “It’s a really great honor and a testament to how hard they’ve been working and what they’ve been doing.

Congratulations to the team for their outstanding performance at the Hart Rampage.