Advanced Ceramics Class is a new option

Joel Szakmeister is one of the few students enjoying a second year of ceramics.

Minjae Kang, A&E Editor

West Ranch recently added a new option for students interested in the fine arts. Ceramics II is an extension of the introductory Ceramics I class, which is one of the many fine arts classes offered at our school. I took Ceramics I during my freshman year, and I was definitely intrigued by the art form, fascinated to see my creations come to life.

While Ceramics I focuses on introducing students to the basic principles behind ceramics, Ceramics II treats students as artists who are already familiar with the art form. Also, Ceramics I revolves around creating basic pieces,such as the lidded pinch pot and license plate, while Ceramics II teaches students to incorporate original and creative ideas into more challenging pieces.

“They’re going to work on larger pieces that incorporate advanced and mixed techniques,” said Ginger Philburn, who teaches both Ceramics classes. “The class is more like a studio, where they just come in and start working without much instruction.”

Philburn says she has tried to start the class for roughly two years now, and is very excited to finally have a higher-level class.

“I love the new class because I can try new types of projects with them, and I’m excited to see the outcome,” she said.

The class currently holds only 11 students, and is merged with Philburn’s period 5 Ceramics I class. Although it is small now, she expects the class to grow in coming years and hopes that Ceramics I students who are passionate about the art will hone their skills in Ceramics II.

“My Ceramics II students are really great, especially after having taken Ceramics I already,” she said. “I feel that they are really prepared, which allows me to challenge them with more intricate projects, like the molds we will be doing.”

Andrea Corona, a senior who really enjoys the hands on aspect of ceramics, is one of these students. She took Ceramics II because she wanted more of a challenge after taking Ceramics I.

“I really enjoyed taking the class last year, so I decided to take this class,” she said. “I like being able to be creative and sculpt projects.”

Corona is looking forward to a future as an art director for film, and feels that ceramics is a good platform to exercise her artistry.

Ceramics II students look to amaze us with their beautiful products this year. Out of the six projects Mrs. Philburn has planned out this semester, she is most excited about the full wheel project.

“Right now, the whole class is kind of an experiment,” she said. “But I’m really excited about it and looking forward to seeing how it will progress with the projects.”

For those of you looking to take a Fine Arts class, remember that Ceramics is always an option, and now, you can take your interest to new heights.