Social Media and Drugs

There is no shortage of drugs in the shiny lives of celebrities and their social media accounts. Scrolling through Instagram it has become routine to see a daily picture of a celebrity flaunting their drug habits to the world. This kind of advertising for such dangerous activities gives kids the sense that it’s okay to take part in them. If celebrities who are swimming in money and success smoke, why shouldn’t we?

As drugs become more common throughout our society, it diminishes the fear of trying them and makes kids believe they are less dangerous. These ideas are completely unreasonable but continue to be promoted as drugs are advertised in such a glittery and glorified fashion. By making drug addiction seem like a normal and appealing activity, society has removed the skull from the poison bottle and replaced it with hollywood stars. Snoop Dogg, a famous rapper, has an Instagram account littered with pictures of his friends and himself using drugs. Miley Cyrus has posted many pictures of herself doing drugs and enjoying parties with her other famous friends. These celebrities, adored by fans young and old, pass on a message that drug use is not only okay but also thrilling.What these celebrities fail to post is the consequences that come from drugs and the negative effects. By only showing the appealing side of drug use, kids are forgetting that there is anything but excitement and euphoria in addiction.

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