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Hannah Park

Hannah Park, now a senior here at West Ranch High School, created the project “Re EnVogue.” The mission of the project is to redefine the approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing by reinventing old clothing to suit today’s trends while bringing awareness to the dangers of fast fashion. Fast fashion is inexpensive clothing that’s constantly mass produced to fit today’s trends. Though there seems to be nothing remotely unpleasant about that, many are unaware of the dangers and risks it poses to the environment and to our own health. Since clothes are easily disposable, consumers throw their clothes away at striking rates which cause large landfills. The booming industry also emits more greenhouse gas emissions than international shipping and aviation combined.

Park has held two fashion shows and pop-up shops already, which were debuted on Feb. 24 of last year at the Global Prep Academy in Valencia. Both of her fashion shows were a success and raised over 2,000 plus dollars that were shared between charities of their choice. The Paw Print was able to get an interview with her for West Ranch’s 18 Under 18 wherein she talks about inspiration, passion and sustainability.


Q: What got you into fashion? How did you become aware of the dangers of fast fashion itself?

A: I was always interested in fashion, but I didn’t really like to pay attention to what was going into it, like trends and the clothes I wore every day. Eventually, I found out the truth about fast fashion during junior year after watching a documentary called “True Cost” on Netflix. It talked a lot about the environmental consequences that go into making your clothes and from that point on, I realized how unaware a lot of people were, especially in our own community here in Santa Clarita in regards to the issue. I know I can’t do any drastic changes, but I wanted to at least educate those around me about it.


Q: What are the steps you took in creating the fashion show? Can you give a gist of what happens there?

A: What happened was my team and I basically got thrift or donated clothes which we would then upcycle to fit today’s trends. We chose Global Prep Academy as our location and on our first show, we had a packed house with music that gave way to the center runway lined with lights. We also had our fellow students from here at West Ranch model our upcycled clothes, and then right after we would have a pop-up shop or silent auction where people could purchase them.


Q: How do you feel about being a part of 18 under 18?

A: I was honestly very shocked and honored because it’s nice to get recognition for what I do, and it would really help bring awareness to this project. Fashion is one of my passions, and I realized people can’t just continue creating all this waste if they still want to be on this earth later on. They genuinely don’t realize that fashion is one of the main contributors to pollution.


Q: So what are your plans for this project in the future?

A: Unfortunately, I don’t think I can plan any more shows for the duration of my high school career. However, there is one coming up soon, but this time it’ll be hosted by the younger classmen I’ve worked with before. They also want to take over the project which I’m very excited about. I’m also planning to do fashion in college and incorporate sustainable practices into the programs and events I have my eyes set on.


Q: What’s your message to the people who aren’t aware of this? To the people who are aware but choose not to take action?

A: I just want people to understand where their clothes come from, and it’s important for them to know the backstory of what they’re wearing. Often times, unawareness or the lack of knowledge is where the biggest problems really stem from. In the past few years, sustainability has become really big, and there are a lot of brands like Alternative Apparel that are working to create sustainable clothes. We’re in a sustainable revolution right now and you can do so while being trendy at the same time. It is always possible to do what you love while helping others and the environment. Realistically speaking, I know a lot of people can’t afford sustainable clothes with their financial situations. We won’t really achieve that level of sustainability where everyone contributes to the perfect utopia of clothes, but I also think that we’re getting there, that we’re doing what we can and that makes all the difference.


Check out more of Re EnVogue by visiting their website:


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