West Ranch NHS Elects New Sophomore Officers


Jessica Son and Ricky Rojas

   The National Honor Society, or NHS, is a prestigious organization where excellent students are able to give back to the community. While applying and being a part of the association is a great achievement, some students went above and beyond to apply for an officer position. 

   The sophomore officer applications are a rigorous, competitive process where passionate students are chosen to organize community service events and help hopeful students apply. 

   This year, after multiple interview rounds and careful screening, five sophomores were chosen to be officers for NHS. Jasmine Saroa, Janice Kim, Lexi Fernandez, Ryan Stevenson, and Tom Oh were the few students chosen to lead this organization.  

   This group of five teenagers will help other officers find locations for NHS events, organize them to run smoothly and pre-approve volunteer organizations for students. They told The PawPrint what they hoped to achieve and their thoughts on being chosen for a leadership position.


   Jasmine Saroa hopes to help the community and give back as a group. “I think that it’s very gratifying knowing that I can help guide students and make a tangible difference in society,” said Saroa.

  Other students were excited about how it could impact them in the future. “I’m really honored,” said Janice Kim. “I thought it would be a really great application into real life in the future.”


   However, with this sought-after title comes great responsibility. When these hopefuls tried out, they each had their own goals and visions for the organization. The Paw Print asked the officers what they hoped to achieve in NHS. 


   “[This club] is really important to me,” said Lexi Fernandez, “because I would like to give back to the community.”  

   Fellow officer Ryan Stevenson felt similarly, saying, “I need to lead by example, I need to have a good academic performance, and I need to have good character and support the NHS mission of community service.”


 “NHS is a great way for students to take on leadership and community service,” said Kim. “I just want other peers to acknowledge how important those traits are to the future, and how they can really help push you to achieve your dreams no matter what field you’re going into.”


   Tom Oh also added, “I hope to help underappreciated high school students at West Ranch receive the proper recognition they deserve.” After putting in hard work throughout the interviews and screening processes, he feels great about the position and wants to serve the community. 


  Overall, these five students have what it takes to represent West Ranch’s branch of NHS. We can rely on these students to do what’s best for our school and our community. Each one of them embodies a strong desire to help others and improve our community. We can’t wait to see what they do.