ASB, or the Associated Student Body, is behind planning all of the fun events at West Ranch, including spirit days, rallies, dances and other school-sponsored activities to ensure a memorable school year. However, many students often do not realize all of the work that goes on behind the scenes. 

   Mrs. Priske, ASB advisor for the past five years, commented on the work that goes unnoticed. “A lot of people think that it is so fun in ASB since they ‘just do rallies,’ but there is so much behind-the-scenes stuff, the grunt work.”

   Everyone in ASB contributes a large portion of time before and after school for various tasks, including setting up rallies, decorating the school and going to many different events. ASB President, Siddharth Sudan, explained that he typically spends about one to two hours per day outside of school working on ASB related tasks, whether it be meeting with the executive board, planning events or attending a monthly meeting with the district. 

   Josh Kim, ASB executive secretary, described a typical class period in ASB. “Siddharth starts and runs the meeting, and then each person on E-board does their role, while I write minutes.” As an E-board member, Sudan also has to meet with ASB’s committees at every meeting and survey them to ensure that they are aware of their tasks and responsibilities. With a set agenda and organized roles, ASB is off to do any tasks they are given depending on the upcoming school events planned.

   While ASB students sacrifice a lot of their time to coordinate school events, the relationships fostered make it worth it in the end.

   Adrian Morales, a junior in the athletics commission expressed that although ASB has him balancing school and other extracurriculars, he finds joy in ASB through “hanging out with the other members and contributing to the school.”  

   Sudan added that ASB gave him the opportunity to improve his community. “I feel that in ASB I’m trying as hard as I can to give back to people who need something. For example, we did our competitive fundraiser for breast cancer, and we have more things of the sort planned for the rest of the school year.”

   ASB’s influence and impact is well known to even other staff members who have noticed the importance of ASB on campus and to the students.

   West Ranch Principal Mr. Fisher voiced his thoughts on ASB’s integral role within the student culture at West Ranch. “I enjoy the fact that they represent [the students] and that you have the ability to talk to your friends there because you voted for them. It’s a really good opportunity for everyone to come together under that one group.”

   ASB has curated a united collective of students with a mission reaching from West Ranch activities to uplifting the students and community around them. 

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