West Ranch TV, or WRTV, is West Ranch’s very own student-run news station. Students in the program work to deliver a variety of video segments that range from school and local news to trending topics in pop culture, student-produced short films and more. 

   WRTV is broadcast every morning through the video-sharing platform Youtube, where a live show is shared to students after the first class of the day except Wednesdays.    

   Students meet in the WRTV classroom, where they are assigned various roles. Members of the program collaborate to brainstorm new content, edit segments and practice for upcoming shows. After proper preparation, they return to the recording studio to set up their equipment and go live on the air. 

West Ranch senior Kaitlin Mendoza described her typical day in WRTV. “For me, I usually go into the classroom first to check out what’s going on, and then I go into the studio to turn everything on and get ready for the show.” In filmmaking and broadcast journalism, the ability to work well as a team is critical. “Everyone’s working together as a family to produce the best shows,” Mendoza concluded. 

   Mrs. Overdevest, WRTV advisor and the video production teacher, explained, “There is so much you don’t see. The biggest part is that all the content you see — everything you see in WRTV — the kids make. The students write it, they film it, they edit it.” 

   One of the most overlooked aspects of being a part of the WRTV crew is the ability to be independent. Junior Ryan Oh described his favorite aspect of the program, “You can be creative. Mrs. Overdevest allows you to record wherever you want, whenever you want. I think being creative allows for more excitement.” 

   Mendoza expressed that her experience in the program has been very positive.  “[WRTV] is safe, fun, but a little stressful sometimes because we do have the pressure of doing our shows live and people are watching,” she said. “But, I feel like that’s what really bonds everyone in the program together. It’s an indescribable experience.”

   The student body at West Ranch relies on WRTV to stay informed on relevant information in both local and school matters. To the students of West Ranch, WRTV is an entertaining morning news program, but to the members working behind the scenes, it’s a community that empowers students to explore their creative side and develop practical skills necessary for the film industry.

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