2015-2016 Paw Print Staff

Jagmeet Arora

Sports Editor

So, the name is Jagmeet. You have probably seen me around campus. I wear a patkah, NOT A TURBAN. There is a difference, but if you want to know more come and talk to me. Ball is Life.

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Jaeun Park

Centerspread Editor

My name is Jaeun Park. It is pronounced “Jay-yoon,” but only by basic people. The correct way to pronounce my name is “Jeh-eun.” Please learn to pronounce my name correctly. :)))))))

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Sydney Young

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Sydney, and I work at the Paw Print as a freshman A&E staff writer. All I basically do is watch friends on Netflix and play soccer. I really want a corgi.

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Sydney Chang

Opinions Editor

Hello I’m Sydney Chang, a senior and co-editor of the Opinions fam! I love to eat, eat, and eat. Hit me up if you want to go to Disneyland. I am so excited to share all kinds of articles with all readers. Oh...did I mention... 

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Meagan Chang

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Megan Chang, and I’m a sophomore at West Ranch. I play soccer at West Ranch, and I’m learning how to snowboard. My dream sport would be to surf so I’m planning on doing that in the near future. I also play piano... 

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Siena Zarrell

Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Siena and I am part of the large, awkward freshman population that blocks the walkways. I was born in Seattle and raised in Santa Clarita. I spend most of my time playing soccer, writing, drawing and binge watching... 

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Samantha Hartung

Staff Writer

Long, long ago, in a valley full of basic people, lived an abnormally tall sophomore. Her name was Sam, and no she didn’t play basketball. Or volleyball. She was a cheerleader ( weren’t expecting that one, were you) and a... 

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Rachel Lee

A&E Editor

Hello! I thoroughly enjoy intriguing conversations about Napoleon’s tin buttons or Walter Schels’ photography. You will probably catch me at school either running to a Key Club meeting or rushing to catch my next class.... 

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Kiana Quick

Staff Writer

I’m Kiana, a sophomore in Paw Print. Being in Paw Print has allowed me to further my love for writing and so far it’s been really fun. I play volleyball, write articles, laugh a lot, and aspire to one day visit a goat farm.

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Hannah Kim

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Hannah and I am a freshman A&E staff writer. I love travelling and experiencing cultures around the world. In my free time, you can probably find me watching Pretty Little Liars or obsessing over Taylor Swift. Check... 

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Angelina Hernandez

Staff Writer

Hello my name is Angie. I know what you are thinking, I look like a third grader and I have the attention span of  one, but  I am actually a freshman (plot twist). So about the attention span problem…. I’ve kinda moved on.... 

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Aerin Choi

Staff Writer

Hi, it’s Aerin! I’m a freshman Arts and Entertainment writer. I like reading, writing, my friends and family, eating, Pinterest, and Taylor Swift. I cheer here at West Ranch and do gymnastics outside of school. When I graduate... 

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Audrey Kim

Staff Writer

Hey guys, I’m Audrey, and I’m a freshman A&E reporter. I spend most of my time watching Netflix and eating Half-Baked Ben & Jerry's. If I’m not doing either of those things, I’m playing tennis. Congratulations,... 

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Erica Lee

A&E Editor

Junior. Funky. Crazy. LOUD. Hungry. Sarcastic. Tired. Chocolate.

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Minju Kang

Copy Editor

Hi, my name is Minju. I play volleyball. Go Dodgers.

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Gamin Kim

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Gamin and I am a sophomore that mostly writes opinion pieces for the Paw Print. This is my first year as a staff writer for the Paw Print, and I’m excited to share my stance on politics, social issues, and other... 

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