2013-2014 Paw Print Staff

Juliet Bernal

Staff Writer

Hey there guys, I’m Juliet. I have done Tae Kwon Do for 11 years, and am a second degree black belt. My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is horseback riding, especially jumping and competing, it’s basically my life.... 

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Tyler Morad

Sports Editor

Tyler Morad is the name. Sports editing is the game. I am a senior who adores meeting new people. I am a midfielder on the West Ranch lacrosse team. I secretly watch romantic comedies between hockey practice and the gym. I’ve... 

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Riley Villiers-Furze

Staff Writer

“I'm seventeen and I'm crazy. My uncle says the two always go together. When people ask your age, he said, always say seventeen and insane,” Clarisse, Fahrenheit 451. I am a freshman who just finds high school as a roadblock.... 

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Sarah Castillo

Staff Writer

Hi! My favorite things in life are drawing, reading, and writing! I also spend my time playing tennis, guitar, and piano. Fun., Death Cab for Cutie, Imagine Dragons, and The Script are the many bands you’ll find on my iPod!... 

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Rachel Lee

Staff Writer

My name is Rachel Lee and I’m a shadowhunter (jk, I’m a sophomore). I love to fangirl over books and I love food. “It always shocked me when I realized I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange... 

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Nikhil Bhumralkar

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Nikhil and I am a sophomore at West Ranch High School. I love tennis, eating, and sleeping. My favorite hobbies are reading and playing the piano. My favorite foods are curry and pizza (but not together!). I love listening... 

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Minjae Kang

Copy Editor

I like writing stories about things that interest me. Journalism allows me to do this, which is why I enjoy it so much. I listen to music, play sports, and eat good food. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy... 

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Morgan Smith

Staff Writer

Hello, I am Morgan Smith, the one and only. I am a part of the news team for the Paw Print. My favorite part of journalism is that everyone in the school will be able to read my work, as narcissistic as it sounds. Some of my favorite... 

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Kimberly Balderrago


Heeey guyyss. I’m Kim Baldarrago. I’m currently the Editor-in-Chief of the PawPrint with my partner Amanda Jordan and I also write for the Features section. Finding Nemo is my favorite movie, and it’s not just because everyone... 

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Kristen Mancini

Staff Writer

I’m a freshman, who thinks that life isn’t complete without music. Some people may know me as “little Mancini” or “Kirstin, Kerstin, whatever your name is” (thanks to Mr. Smith from Rancho Pico and my older brother).... 

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Kelsie Poe

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Kelsie! I am a senior at West Ranch and I am in the Journalism program. I am 17-years-old with blonde hair and blue eyes. During my free time, I enjoy going out with friends, shopping, or spending time with family.... 

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Joshua Cho I

Web Editor

Hello, my name is Joshua Cho. I am currently a senior at West Ranch. I have a passion for people and a natural curiosity about how things work and why. Throughout the years of journalism, not only did I progress my skills in writing,... 

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Katie Rojas

A&E Editor

Hola, my name is Katie and I am currently a senior. I have some really rad red hair and I’m not very fashionable. If I’m not at school or cross country practice I’m probably at the beach, my favorite place in the world.... 

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Jong Hak Won

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Jong Hak (obviously). I’m a freshman and an opinions writer for the Paw Print. I am extremely sarcastic and very opinionated on several topics (despite what some people will tell you). Even though I’m like this,... 

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Jenny Lee

News Editor

“UNACCEPTAAABLLEEE CONDITTTIOOOOOONNNNNN!” Haha, hi everyone! My name is Jenny Lee and I write for the News Section of the Paw Print. I am an Adventure Time fan by heart, Asian by blood, and eagerly waiting for Legend of... 

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Jamie Meyer

Sports Editor

Hi guys, I’m Jamie. I’m a junior and one of the sports editors here on the Pawprint. I like to sleep, read, and watch my favorite shows: How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, and Grey’s Anatomy. When I’m not doing any of... 

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Jaeun Park

Staff Writer

Jaeun Park was born on October 15, 1999. She enjoys eating. She likes sleeping. She also enjoys reading about sad things that happened to sad people. And she likes Parks and Recreation. And you should too. Good Bye.

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Jagmeet Arora

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Jagmeet Arora and I am a sophomore. I enjoy playing sports and sleeping. My favorite color is blue and my favorite foods are pasta and Indian food.

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Jacqueline Hofmann

Staff Writer

Hey guys! My name is Jacqueline Hofmann and I am thrilled to be apart of the Paw Print news team. As a freshman here at West Ranch everything and everyone seems to tower over me! Oh, how I’d like to know what if feels like... 

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Ivy Holt-Hoppe

Opinions Editor

Hi, I am Ivy Holt-Hoppe, I am an opinions co-editor for the school newspaper. If I’m not in class I am usually found either eating or sleeping. Journalism is a passion of mine and I hope to continue after my years at West Ranch.... 

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Irene Kyoung

Opinions Editor

Hi, I am Irene. I am a junior. I am one of the Opinions Editors. I like macarons. I am awkward... Just kidding. Hahahaha. If I’m not home finishing up a huge amount of homework, you can find me on a piste, legally stabbing... 

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Gisela Factora

Copy Editor

Hello friend! I’m Gisela, and I am very passionate about a number of things. Oftentimes, I get to write articles on these things and have them published on the Internet for all the people of the world to potentially see. If... 

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Eunice Hong

Features Editor

Hi, I’m Eunice Hong and the features editor for the Pawprint. I’m a senior and I’m very excited for this year because I only have a year left in high school. My favorite movies are The Amazing Spiderman and The Avengers.... 

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Erica Lee

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Erica and I am a chocolate addict. I have been struggling with this addiction for a while and I recently received help from a professional. HAHA JK! No, but seriously I love chocolate. Anyways, hey guys my name is Erica... 

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Danny Hyun

Staff Writer

I am a senior staff writer in West Ranch journalism program. I have been in the program since my junior year. I really enjoy writing sports news and just writing in general. Many of my stories are news about what’s happening... 

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Celia Hofmann

Staff Writer

Hi! My names Celia, I'm 16 and starting my junior year here at West Ranch. I am so excited to be apart of the paw print news team this year; not only do I get to be a part of an talented team filled writers and photographers but... 

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Candace Ro

Staff Writer

Hi there! I’m Candace Ro and I’m a sophomore… yay! I love to write, draw, eat, sleep, and a lot of other things. I’m sometimes funny and love my hamster. I can be random, but who isn’t? I hope you enjoy the Pawprint... 

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Alexa Hesseldenz

Staff Writer

Hi I’m Alexa Hesseldenz and I am currently a junior. If I’m not reading alone in my room or blasting Taylor Swift you can find me on the volleyball courts. I also enjoy spending my time mooning over Dylan O’brian or Daniel... 

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Celia Hofmann

Staff Writer

Hi! My names Celia, I'm 16 and starting my junior year here at West Ranch. I am so excited to be apart of the paw print news team this year; not only do I get to be a part of an talented team filled writers and photographers but... 

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Aerin Mellott

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Aerin, and in my free time I love drawing, writing, and reading. I play softball and guitar, and in the future I hope to become either a lung doctor for children, or something in the art field. My favorite bands include... 

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Aaron Lee

Staff Writer

My name is Aaron Lee and I am a sophomore at West Ranch High School.  I love playing basketball and dunking on Jagmeet’s patkah because the texture of the cloth feels soothing when my shins touch it.  I enjoy reading, writing,... 

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Josh Cho

Web Editor

Oh(Oh man… not another story about myself. Please no). Oh, hi. I’m Josh Cho II, one of the two website editors of the West Ranch PawPrint. It’s our duty to make sure that everything we report goes onto the web, and make... 

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Amanda Jordan


Hi my name is Amanda Jordan and I am a senior. I am one of the Editors in Chief of the Paw Print and I am the president of FTTP. I love write, meet new people, and make the most out of everything! I love anything and everything... 

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