Grease is the Word

Desiree Perez and Minjun Kim

Tell me about it, stud! Coming this April, West Ranch High School is producing a spring musical based on the 1978 classic film, “Grease.” 


Set in 1959, Sandy Dumbrowski, (played by Sophia Concepcion and understudied by Emily Von Busch) meets Danny Zuko (played by Alex Brewer and understudied by Christian Davies) at the beach during their summer vacation. Although the two experience a whirlwind romance, they say goodbye as their “Summer Nights” come to an end. As the new school year approaches, neither of them realize they will both be attending the senior class of Rydell High School.

In a typical clique setting, Rydell High is home to the “too-cool-for-school” Burger Palace Boys and the “primadonna” Pink Ladies. “Grease” will travel you back in time with music inspired by famous sounds of the 50s such as Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Little Richard. As their gang experiences the teenage trials and tribulations of high school through song and dance, will Sandy and Danny be able to reignite the flame of their romance? 


Although West Ranch Theatre Arts is several weeks away from their performance of “Grease,” the Paw Print was able to get a sneak peek of the upcoming rockin’ and rollin’ show that is coming in April. 


Mr. Smith, the theatre instructor, and Ms. Peters, the choir director, are the brilliant staff behind this year’s theatre production. 


“Grease is a high-energy, fun musical that expresses the energy and the style of the 1950’s teenage culture, and I felt that staging this famous Broadway musical, that became an even more successful film, would be a great way to celebrate the return of theater after two years of COVID,” Mr. Smith expressed.


Ms. Peters added, “I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together in April, and to be part of that journey. There are lots of aspects of a musical such as the acting and scene blocking, but also learning and memorizing the songs, and then adding the choreography….it’s a lot!” 


However, no show can be fulfilled without our own students putting in their time and effort to bring “Grease” to life. Alex Brewer, playing Danny Zuko, shared his thoughts regarding the spring musical. 


“I am most excited to sing on stage with all of my fellow co-stars because throughout these past few weeks we have gotten rather close,” Brewer said.


Sophia Concepcion, portraying Sandy Dumbrowski, further commented, “I watched the movie so many times, so I am excited to be able to perform what I have seen on TV countless times.” 

April is right around the corner, so sit tight Wildcats! Remember, Grease is the word! 


For questions regarding the upcoming musical, please contact Mr. Smith at [email protected], or Ms. Peters at [email protected]