Glenn Miller Orchestra Performance

Andrew Hezel, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 15, the Glenn Miller Orchestra played a show at the West Ranch auditorium. A very popular act in the 1940s, the Glenn Miller Orchestra is a big band piece that is known for their outstanding performances. Many people came to see the show and it was a great success.

“I can always hear them playing in the background of my childhood,” Gale Withers, an event attendee, recalled.“My father loved the Glenn Miller Orchestra and Glenn Miller himself as an artist. I loved spending time with my family at home while Glenn Miller played in the background.”

Dan Schaumburg, another audience member, expressed, “I love big band music and have been listening to that type of music for many years. Glenn Miller’s Orchestra is one of my favorite artists ever.”

According to Schaumburg, Glenn Miller has stayed with him all these years and is one of the most memorable moments of his childhood.

Schaumburg believes that big band music has been able to stay alive because of one thing: “This music has its own life and has a different meaning and attraction for every person that listens to it. It is heard differently by everyone.”

Everyone in the audience enjoyed the live performance. Both of them got the feeling of childhood being brought back to them in the form of music—“It has a different type of energy when it is live, they bring new emotion into each performance,” Schaumburg concluded.