Choir kicks off the school year with “A Fall Spooktacular Concert”


Isabella Truong and Minjun Kim

West Ranch choir hosted their first official concert of the school year in the theater on Wednesday, Oct. 5. A concert promising to give a “spooktacular” experience was successfully delivered with creepy and fun music, songs from recognizable movies, and singers in costumes.

Leading up to the concert, the choir partook in a variety of rigorous class period practices to perfect their sound. From sight-reading to tonal memory and sectionals, our student singers were well-prepared to perform. After the show, The Paw Print had a chance to interview some of the singers and their choir teacher Mrs. Peters. Here is what they had to say:

“I loved the ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ because not only is the movie a classic, it was the only song in which West Ranch and Rancho Pico choirs sang together,” Mrs. Peters explained when asked about her favorite songs of the night. “I also loved ‘Adiemus’ and ‘That Old House is Haunted’.”

Junior Logan Geniec explained how this concert stood out from past ones: “I think this concert stood out from other concerts because it had a spooky vibe with all of us mostly dressed up in crazy costumes on stage and acting crazy. I love how Mrs. Peters surprised all of us with a character from Stranger Things!” Mrs. Peters conducted the performance while wearing the iconic costume of Max from the recent season, adorned in a light blue zip-up jacket and a red-haired wig.

Geniec further highlights his favorites songs from the concert, “Music of the Night” and “Lacrymosa,” explaining how these songs had “beautiful melodies and were absolutely gorgeous to sing.” Particularly for “Lacrymosa,” Geniec explained that it was his “absolute favorite over both of them since it has a dramatic build-up and wonderful harmonies.”

Similarly, fellow Junior Simon Castor explained that his favorite songs of the night were “Dance in the Graveyard” and “Lacrymosa,” both featuring the treble and concert choir. The songs sung by the choir were a delight to hear, with the music including a variety of genres and ranges for the whole audience to appreciate.

As the choir continued their performance, each song helped to showcase much of the group’s talent and hardwork. Together, the choir was able to overcome multiple ups and downs leading up to the concert. “I think it went great in general for the choir,” Junior Logan Geniec explained “Even

though we were all nervous and had some hiccups since this is our first choir concert of the year, we still did awesome. I did my best to help the bass section and overall everyone had a great feeling of excitement and energy, so win-win!”

Like Geniec, Castor is very hopeful for their upcoming choir concerts, expressing how they have a “brand new cast of choir members, with a mix of returning singers and singers who’ve just joined.” Castor continued, “For the past two months, new members were quickly brought up to pace on things like tonal memory, solfège and rhythm.”

Mrs. Peters concluded, “We are now getting ready for our December concert, which is a little more serious and will feature some holiday themed pieces. I am just so lucky to work with these kids at West Ranch – the choir kids are the kindest, silliest, and creative kids on campus. I love my choir students!”

Everyone who performed at the Fall Spooktacular Concert did spectacularly. Cats, make sure to support our choir by looking out for their upcoming December concert!