Trends of Fall Fashion


Daniela Lesmana and Evelyn Lee

For some, fall represents an appreciative farewell to the summer, and an invitation to wear infinity scarfs or leather ankle boots and sip pumpkin spice lattes. To others it might represent ghosts, candy and costume shopping. And along with these seasonal delights, a number of people see autumn as a perfect time to experiment with new fashion trends. 

As autumn makes its annual comeback, specific trends also return. These trends often pull ideas from past decades while incorporating tastes from the present. This year, one mainstream autumn fad that has spread around our school features a distinctive look commonly referred to as a “skater” style. The skater style revives the ‘90s skater aesthetic, mainly popularized by famous alternative bands and artists, such as Nirvana, Radiohead and Courtney Love. Their iconic wardrobes consisted of baggy jeans, flannels and muted colors. This style is ideal to wear during fall, allowing layering as both a stylistic choice and a necessity for comfort. 

Moreover, as tribute to these artists, many current stars are bringing back the vintage fashion of the ‘90s with a modern twist. The apparel of these celebrities, which often appear and become viral on social media, has an especially profound effect on their teenage audience.  Frank Ocean, Evan Mock and Jaden Smith are just some of the celebrities who dress in outfits heavily inspired by the decade, with certain silhouettes becoming recognizable in their closets. 

For example, many West Ranch students establish their outfits based on the trending style. 

Aiden Jojo, a freshman that dresses in more oversized attire, explains, “I like to wear more [baggy] clothes now, compared to before, when I would wear more tight fitting pieces. I think that the clothes that will make an appearance during fall are mostly colderwear; sweaters always make a comeback.”

Freshman Sean Lim, who developed his current style throughout quarantine, added, “During fall I like to wear more earth tones, and heavier clothes. My favorite pieces are mainly sweaters, jackets and flannels, and I would really like to see more puffy jackets this fall.”

Along with these well-known figures, popular shows and movies often also inspire fall trends. With the resurgence of Gilmore Girls, a 2000s show admired for its characters’ lifestyle and wit, the fashion world has taken inspiration from the casual yet composed closet of the two main characters, Lorelai and Rory. This year’s fall trend is most aligned with the aesthetic of Rory Gilmore. 

Rory Gilmore is a recognizable name in teen fashion. An example: the iconic “Rory Gilmore sweater” from the pilot episode, an oversized white cable knit sweater that has been on many watchers’ wishlists. Other pieces known for their frequent appearances in the series include fleece-lined jackets, low-rise bootcut jeans, and graphic shirts.

Emma Evaristo is a freshman who pulls inspiration from many places, including the show.

“I’m starting to watch Gilmore Girls, so the majority of my ideas are from that and Pinterest,” she expresses. “I also think layering is really cool to see.” 

In preparation for the ending of summer fashion, students going back-to-school shopping express themselves in new ways that they didn’t last fall. This is often how new trends startstudents are collectively inspired by fashion trends and go to the same stores.

Some of these stores that have recently sparked teens’ interests with their clothing include Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, and Hollister. These stores have a dedicated following year-round, even as the seasons change and fall collections accommodating the colder weather are developed. The new selection of clothes that these companies will create will be seen in the near future, and will ultimately be found on the clothing racks of our very own students.