The Wellness Center helps students cope with the stress of finals


Anika Sachdeva

   The Wellness Center at West Ranch aims to guide students mentally and emotionally. During the month of December, the center hosts a variety of activities in order to help students cope with stress and anxiety during finals. 

   The center’s goal is to help students manage their mental health and maintain a balanced life. With the help of Ms. Sinclair, the Wellness Center coordinator, students are able to start their days feeling relaxed while also learning new methods of studying.

Meditation Mondays

   On Mondays, the Wellness Center provides students and staff the opportunity to experience a guided meditation to help them gain focus in their life. From 8:00 a.m. to 8:25 a.m., students can start their day with a relaxing meditation session. All students are welcome to sit on a yoga mat to meditate and relax their minds. 

   “My favorite activity was meditation. It was very calming and relaxing and prepared me for my day,” junior Bailey Green said. “The meditation has been a great way to start my day and talk to the coordinator and really get to know those around me.”

Study Skills: Tuesdays and Thursdays

   The Wellness Center opens its door for students to learn new studying techniques as well as how to manage the stress that comes with the workload. As students worry about finals, they are provided with the opportunity to seek guidance at the Wellness Center.

   “Students study skills so they learn new ways they can study for finals, how to manage everything for finals, as well as different ways to relieve stress,” Ms. Sinclair explained. “I would also tie in with stress management and how we can cope with all the stress we are feeling as we are entering finals.”

  This is another resource provided by West Ranch that helps students succeed academically and mentally. Furthermore, this opportunity could be beneficial to many students struggling to keep up with their work.

Walk the Track Wednesday

   On Wednesdays from 8:50 a.m. to 9:20 a.m., the Wellness Center promotes walking as a way to improve and maintain overall health. Walking for thirty minutes helps the body as well as the mind.

   Because of this, exercising reduces the risk of illness and depression. Along with the health benefits, walking in the mornings can help students start the day in a good mood, improve their creativity and strengthen their sleep schedule.

   Starting off the day with a fresh mind after walking on the track can help make the day feel more relaxed and stress free.

Fun Fridays

   After attending class after class, students can unwind by playing games with their friends in the Wellness Center. On Fridays, Wildcats can participate in games like checkers, Connect Four and even more during lunch.

    Ms. Sinclair is also a resource. She revealed, “I’m hoping that I can be able to support some kind of ways for students to come in and relax and have a safe place and enjoy themselves.”

   Fun Friday is a great way for students to end their week and to reward themselves after a week of hard work. It’s a great opportunity to socialize and have a good time!

   “I know this school is very heavy on academics so I figure just taking some time out of the day to just meditate, walk, or have a little bit of fun will help them prepare for finals,” Ms. Sinclair expressed.

 Managing stress and anxiety is a great way to be successful during finals. For more information, check out the Wellness Center Website to learn different ways to cope with stress and more.