Winter Jazz Concert

Pauline Santos

   On Dec. 2, the Winter Jazz Concert took place in the West Ranch Theater at 7 p.m. As soon as the lights dimmed, students dressed in all black took their places on stage to perform. The silence was then broken by a quiet countdown and snaps to the beat.

   To begin the night, the West Ranch Lab Jazz Band played four songs: “Naptown Blues” by Wes Montgomery, “‘Round Midnight” by Thelonious Monk, “Poinciana” by Nat Simon and “Compared to What” by Eugene McDaniels. The four pieces each held a mellow and swingy tune, accompanied by wonderful solos and harmonious blend of instruments. 

   “My favorite song was the last one because it was very different from the other pieces, and some of the saxophone players played the flute, so it was very interesting to see,” audience member Josie Adames-Baena added.

   When Lab Jazz Band finished, the West Ranch Studio A Jazz Band took the stage and performed four songs which included “Magic Molehill” by Jacob Mann, “Went for a Walk” by Everett Kelly, “Nardis” by Miles Davis and “A Huntertones Nutcracker” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. 

   “My favorite is probably Nardis, I enjoyed the chord progression and the unique meaning behind the song,” Studio A trombone player Mikey Walusko expressed.

  The West Ranch Studio A and Lab Jazz Band prepared for this concert by having rehearsals, every other day for Lab Jazz Band and every morning for Studio A. “My students work hard for half of a semester for a show, it’s like taking a test,” said Mr. Leff, the West Ranch Jazz director. 

 Overall, the West Ranch Lab and Studio A Jazz Band both played incredibly present in their dedication. Come see the Studio A Jazz Band perform at the Valencia Westfield Mall on Dec. 15!