2023 Fashion Predictions


Alyssa Pascual

Many use the start of a new year as motivation to create healthy goals and habits for themselves. Some even use this time of the year to treat themselves to new wardrobe essentials. Luckily, 2023 has the potential to be a great year for fashion.

While 2023 is guaranteed to introduce new trends that will dominate the fashion world, 2022 included many “micro-trends” that have had their time in the limelight, including many statement pieces and styles gaining popularity through social media. Some of these trends have remained in high interest, and are expected to continue trending in the future.

One of the trends that have been recurring over the years is the “Y2K” aesthetic. The Y2K aesthetic is a trend that reminisces on the past by incorporating various styles seen from the mid-90s to the 2000s. The modernized version of the aesthetic, however, encapsulates the etiquette of the time period, while additionally tributing to current fashion trends. Some West Ranch students predict that various Y2K clothing pieces will be seen more in 2023.

Junior Chayil Powell explained, “I want to see more Tracksuits. I like the Y2k style ones but I want them to be more edgy. I feel like that’s going to come back. I love tracksuits. I definitely want to buy some more and wear them.”

“I really like messenger bags,” Freshman Angelina Fouad added. “There are multiple pockets and some of them are really cute; I love the ones with stars and patches. Honestly, it’s much more comfortable than bags and if you get a big one you can fit a bunch of stuff in them.”

Another style that has been seen a lot is the “clean girl” aesthetic. This aesthetic is unique not only because of its minimalistic style, but also because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Primarily seen on TikTok, influencers who support the “clean girl” trend promote healthy eating, self-care and daily workouts to their audiences.

This trend, in fact, has significantly grown in popularity and some West Ranch students believe it will continue its rein on various social media platforms.

“I have been seeing the clean girl aesthetic a lot, especially on TikTok. At school I see a lot of girls with claw clips, simple outfits, gold jewelry, etc., I feel like this trend will be seen more as the year progresses,” Freshman Andrew Franquez said.

Powell also agreed with the prediction: “The clean girl aesthetic, I think that’s going to be seen a lot. Especially with the girls now being seen with hair clips and simple earrings. I think that’s going to be a big staple in fashion this year.”

Overall, this new year has a lot of potential for the rise and continuation of great fashion trends and pop culture altogether. Through various styles being made and others making a comeback, anyone in need of a wardrobe change will not be let down in 2023.