Spring Activities


Daniela Lesmana and Minjun Kim

As the spring semester brings with it emotional tolls, it is important to balance school with fun pastimes and new hobbies. Here are a few suggestions to embrace the comfort of the new season: 


Have a Personalized Picnic

Warmer weather introduces the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, including enjoying a meal in the fresh air. A park like Richard Rioux or Central Park, or a set up in the backyard could be the perfect setting for a lunchtime picnic. 

Next, bring a favorite takeout order or pack homemade snacks, like sandwiches and fruit. Jersey Mike’s, The Sandwich Spot and Urbane Cafe offer food options fit for the occasion. For a personal finishing touch, add extra items: a colorful blanket, a book or headphones to set the mood. Whether alone or with company, a picnic can be a fun way to welcome spring and take in some sun. 

Partaking in the activity, freshman Lauren Lamb had a picnic for her birthday. 

“I had a big birthday picnic in the park with my friends,” Lamb reminisced. “We catered mac and cheese, chicken strips, lemonade and birthday cake, and I set up blankets and pillows under a shaded tree.”

Try Spring Specials 

With the arrival of spring, many restaurants and coffee shops bring their seasonal menus to the table. Favorites, including Starbucks, welcome their spring beverage menu annually.

To any fans of Starbucks’ pistachio drinks, time is running out. The pistachio drinks come around annually, served for a limited time as a latte or a frappuccino, both offering a delicious blend of rich espresso and creamy pistachio flavor. Customers also have the option to add pistachio syrup to any drink. 

“The pistachio latte at Starbucks is delicious and has a great taste of pistachio, and gives a warm and comfortable feeling,” West Ranch sophomore Ava Magaña expressed. “The drink is also good hot and cold. I prefer hot drinks and I love pistachios, so it’s the perfect drink for this cold weather.”

Unique beverages for the season are not hard to come across. For summer, Starbucks is introducing their brand-new Cinnamon Caramel Cream Cold Brew.

Get Some Exercise Outdoors

Spring is recognizable for its transition from the cloudy, grey skies and bare branches of winter to colorful, blossoming flowers everywhere. For those who enjoy getting some exercise outdoors, spring is the beginning of the perfect climate each year for walking, biking and running. Choosing a route with greenery-abundant views does not prove difficult in Santa Clarita. Check out the Iron Horse Trailhead, Towsley Canyon Trail and around the neighborhood are just a few options. 

“I usually take walks through my neighborhood whenever I have the time. I’m looking forward to it not being freezing every day so it’s more comfortable to go out,” freshman Joseph Lee remarked.

Buy Fresh Flowers

One of spring’s most prominent visuals is the flowers and plants that begin to bloom. Flowers can be a nice way to enhance anyone’s day and can liven up a space with their vibrant colors. Grocery stores, such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, are just a short drive away and offer a wide selection of bouquets. 

Choosing to gift them to a loved one or save them in a vase to elevate a room for the new season are just a few festive uses.  

“I love getting flowers from places like Trader Joe’s,” sophomore Natalie Merchant shared. “Although giving flowers is a small gesture, it’s so cute and they’re a great way to brighten up a house or make someone’s day.”

Make a Spring 2023 Playlist

As California moves on from winter, it is the perfect time to create a playlist that captures the essence of spring. Whether looking for upbeat tunes to blast while driving or mellow tracks to listen to while on a picnic, a well-curated playlist can set the perfect mood. Bringing back old favorites and discovering new music can become just the right blend for this spring. 

“For spring I would put upbeat music,” West Ranch senior Emily Fairbanks shared about her spring 2023 playlist. “Springtime leaves behind the cold weather, so I’d ditch the slow, sad mood that winter makes me feel and start listening to my ‘feel good’ music- throwback pop songs, SZA, Coldplay and just any music that doesn’t make someone want to burst into tears.”


Spring only comes around every so often, and there are many ways to make this year special. From a serene picnic and stroll to an outing with a seasonal beverage in hand, there is an entertaining pastime for everyone. Try out a festive activity to make spring 2023 especially memorable.