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Winter movie recommendations


With the weather cooling down and school coming to an end, it’s time to bundle up in a blanket and get cozy. Students from West Ranch have shared some of their favorite movies to enjoy over winter break.

Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas

Released in 2011, Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas is a Disney Channel movie about a family trying to get to Palm Springs, California, for a wonderful Christmas party with their relatives. Instead of a smooth trip, they experience multiple mishaps, an instance being when the characters are forced to separate as they board the plane, leaving the mother and daughter at home, while the rest of the family are on their way to Palm Springs. Unfortunately for the duo, the next flight to Palm Springs is after Christmas. 

West Ranch senior Danielle Kay recommended this movie “because it’s not your typical holiday movie. So many things happen at once, making it unpredictable and exciting!” She continued, “It’s always so nostalgic every time I re-watch it. I love the ending scene where the family reunites just in time to spend Christmas morning together.” Whenever you are looking for a unique and funky movie to watch during winter break, this may be the one!

The Polar Express
The classic winter movie, The Polar Express, is about a boy who has trouble believing in Christmas. On Christmas Eve, a loud train passes through his street, and he boards the train. He meets some distinctive friends on the train which transports them to the North Pole. The boy goes through a beautiful Christmas town and explores it with his friends. 

This popular movie was recommended by Junior Ryan Yi: “This movie’s animation and storyline create a sense of nostalgia [and] portray a visualization of a young person’s mind during the holidays.” Yi himself watches the movie as a tradition annually, “even if [I] get sick of it.” If you want a nostalgic and spirited movie to watch this winter, check out The Polar Express

The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story

One of many traditional Christmas movies, The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story, directed by Chad Eikhoff, is about an elf finding out about the importance of his job. Chippy the elf’s job is to determine whether a kid is naughty or nice, by watching them in their homes. This helps Santa decide whether or not the kids are naughty or nice. One day, Chippy was assigned to a home where the boy who lives there questions the magic of Christmas. While finding his job difficult in the house, Santa and his good friends help Chippy remember why his job is so important for Christmas day. 

Nicole Tran, a junior at West Ranch, recommended this movie because “it portrays the life of the elf perfectly and has a great soundtrack.” Tran explained that she likes this movie the best, stating, “The movie is very nostalgic to me, and watching it now makes me excited to celebrate the holidays.”The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story is a youthful and upbeat Christmas movie that should be on your movie watchlist!

Home Alone

One of the most beloved Christmas movies, Home Alone, is about a boy named Kevin McCallister who is home alone for Christmas because his parents forgot to bring him with them for a trip. As Kevin was spending his days without his parents, he entertained himself by going outside to play. While running errands by himself, Kevin kept running into two suspicious men who pretended to be police officers. It turns out, they were planning to rob his house. Kevin decided to protect his home by setting up many clever traps that hindered the robbers. Thanks to Kevin’s wit, his family returns to an intact house and spends Christmas with him.   

This movie is sophomore student Sean Lim’s favorite Christmas movie because “it’s a nice, fun movie to feel good [about] and it’s very funny too.” He described this movie as hilarious, particularly when “[One of the robbers,] Marv Murchins … got hit in the head with the flattening iron.” This comedic family Christmas movie is a classic and a must-watch this winter break.

Wildcats, hopefully these movie recommendations motivate you to spend some time with your loved ones by watching festive movies during winter break. See you next year!

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