Places to study socially distanced

As testing season rolls around in Santa Clarita, students gather to pack study rooms and pore over review books. During COVID-19, however, these close-contact study sessions aren’t wise options. The Paw Print has compiled suggestions on where you can study safely this finals season.




After over a year of closures, the three branches of Santa Clarita public libraries in Canyon Country, Old Town Newhall, and Valencia reopened their doors to the public on April 6 to celebrate National Library Week, according to the SCV Signal. Each facility is currently open Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To prevent the spread of the virus, each building is restricted to 75 percent capacity, and everyone must wear a mask and remain physically distanced at all times. 


Hybrid students also have the privilege of accessing the West Ranch library during open periods and between classes. 


West Ranch Teacher Librarian, Mrs. Erickson explained, “We are open for students who choose to be here and our library is open from whenever students are allowed on campus. So if you have a first period class, you can come in here, but if you’re not here till 8:30 a.m., then you can come in during your open period and [we’re open] till 4:00 p.m. So we want students to know this is a safe environment to be in.”


Each table has only one chair to minimize close contact, readily available hand sanitizer stations and requirements that masks must be worn at all times. Its limited capacity makes the library a quiet and relaxing place to study (the calm music is a plus, too). Check out pages 5-6 in this issue to learn more or visit the West Ranch Website


Coffee Shops


Coffee shops have long been regarded as the ultimate study spaces by many students. While indoor seating might not be the safest options right now due to the high volume of customers, some shops have outdoor seating conducive to study sessions. One such coffee shop is Havana Savannah, located on Copper Hill, and is complete with both a covered patio with electrical outlets and heat lamps as well as a spacious uncovered patio. 


Its unique ambiance and menu options make it a student favorite. 


“I love Havana Savannah because it’s a great place to study and meet with friends!” senior Shaira Busnawi told The Paw Print. “The seating area is all outdoors and so cute, and they always take the right measures against COVID. Whenever I get distracted at home, I always turn to Havana Savannah as a place to get my work done!” 


Another option is Honu Coffee in Downtown Newhall. Offering outdoor seating throughout its wraparound patio, Honu Coffee has a variety of options for students wanting to study socially distanced. With a mask mandate for both customers and staff, limited capacity in the coffee shop and hand sanitizer stations around the store, a safe and healthy environment is now one less thing to worry about while studying. Though small, Honu Coffee is a perfect COVID-friendly location for those who don’t like big noisy coffee shops. 




If you aren’t comfortable studying in the same vicinity as others, there are plenty of spacious outdoor study options in Santa Clarita! Both hybrid and online students can take advantage of the many parks around Santa Clarita to study. 


Parks are a great outdoor study option and are conducive to sitting outside alone or six feet apart from friends to get some work done. Richard H. Rioux Memorial Park is a great park close to West Ranch; it’s open Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. With large plots of grassy areas to set down a blanket and the many tables scattered around the park, virtually any place is a perfect socially-distanced study spot. 


Meadows Park is another great local option and an often overlooked park that provides the benefits of picnic tables and large open spaces. Located just next to Meadows Elementary school, the venue is a small, quiet park perfect for a peaceful study session.  


As Santa Clarita slowly starts to open more establishments and public areas, studying somewhere other than a bedroom is once again possible. We hope some of these study spaces work for you and give you the focus to to adequately prepare for the last five weeks of school. Remember Cats, stay safe and keep pushing through the end of the year!