2021’s most popular Halloween costumes


Gaby Lesmana and Desiree Perez

   As the first Halloween following pandemic restriction lifts, many were anticipating their costumes months in advance. From popular new shows like “Squid Game” to iconic celebrities, the sky’s the limit for this year’s creative costumes. The Paw Print put together a few solo and group costumes that frequently circulated social media this Halloween.



Taking inspiration from the popular 90’s cartoon “Winx Club,” the Disney fairies of Tinkerbell, or mythology, the options were endless for this costume. Playing around with different hair colors, clothing styles and accessories, and glitter, no two fairies were the same. Due to its popularity, finding wings might have been the biggest obstacle; however, TikTok had people covered with plenty of tutorials for making them at home. Not only is the costume affordable yet stylish, it’s an easy last minute costume to put together with a group of friends.


Many dressed up as their favorite celebrity or celebrity couple. This included breakthrough artist Olivia Rodrigo, with plaid skirts and face stickers to create the iconic look from her album “Sour.” Another popular celebrity costume was Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, wearing leather corset dresses, suit jackets and sunglasses from their VMAs look. Other couples’ costumes included Justin and Hailey Bieber and “Brangelina,” people finding items already in their closet. Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton and Kylie Jenner were among the other “celebrities” walking around this Halloween.

TV Series Characters

During quarantine, people spent most of their time binge-watching shows on streaming platforms like Netflix. “Squid Game” became a worldwide sensation when it hit Netflix this September. Viewers rocked a teal jumpsuit, white vans, and the number of their favorite character. For those who felt more villainous, the alternative was a red hooded suit and a full face black mask with a circle, triangle, or square. With the return of “You,” couples dressed as the notorious Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn. 

Jennifer’s Body

The recent comeback of Megan Fox has “Jennifer’s Body” on everyone’s watchlist this year. Many fans wore Jennifer’s famous outfit: cropped velvet pink hearted hoodie, blue low-rise jeans, and pink ribbon laced pumps. Some went the extra mile by accessorizing with a gold heart locket necklace and hollowed pink heart earrings. 


   This year’s Halloween costumes were really like no other. Whether you went all out or did the bare minimum, it seems like everyone appreciated their first Halloween post-pandemic restrictions.