West Ranch Junior Eshel Ahmad turns her passion for making rings into a small business


   West Ranch is home to many diverse students who are passionate and driven by their hobbies and future aspirations. One such student, Junior Eshel Ahmad, has decided to turn her love for rings into a small business of her own. 


   Ahmad began her business in Sept. of 2021, creating an Instagram account to display her unique handmade rings. Inspired by other small business accounts on Instagram, she realized she could start a “little shop” online with her hobby. 


   In order to make her dream into reality, Ahmad planned out how to make the rings, came up with prices, and bought all of the materials needed to initiate her business. She also utilized Pinterest posts to find inspiration for her designs.


   However, every successful business involves dedication and challenges behind-the-scenes. Ahmad says her biggest challenge thus far has been “balancing homework and other activities, then finding time to make [the rings], take pictures, post them, make orders, and package everything.” 


   As she tries to find the perfect balance between her school life and her passion for making rings, Ahmad continues to create monthly posts on her account for potential customers to see and consider purchasing.


   The handmade rings posted on her account typically range from $2 to $4, with custom orders available. Currently, the best way for customers to communicate with Ahmad and request orders is through Instagram direct messages she plans to expand onto Depop and Etsy in the future. 


   While her business has brought in numerous customers already, Ahmad considers taking her passion beyond customers at West Ranch: “As of right now, it’s just a hobby, but I think I might like to continue it in the future as it’s stress relieving for me.” 


   Her future hopes for her ring business include more than simply earning money: “When I start making more money, I’m going to donate some of it to charity.”


   Ahmad’s business has allowed her to express her “creativity of making new patterns,” as she has found joy in the accessible hobby of ring-making. 


   Cats, if you are interested in purchasing some beautiful handmade rings of your own, contact Eshel on Instagram @eshelsrings!