Transition to tote bags


Alana Desai and Vaneeza Lalani

     With West Ranch students back on campus, many students have traded in their backpacks for alternative options. Transitioning from online back to in-person has also allowed for many school resources to be digitized. With less physical materials to carry, many students have opted out of backpacks.

     When asked why she decided to bring a tote bag to school, junior Nicola Ogdoc expressed, “I realized that I don’t need to carry as many things as I thought I did this year because I have less classes so I thought I might as well bring [a tote bag] instead of a backpack.” 

     More students have joined in on this trend. Ogdoc explained that tote bags are more functional: “I say that they’re actually pretty good, especially the ones that are heavy duty so they won’t break as easily.”

     Not only are students trading in their backpacks for tote bags, but many can be carrying a binder or a messenger bag. Freshman Avery Watson carries a messenger bag to school and emphasized that she loves the convenience style of it. “I like it because it can fit more stuff, and I have more access to all the things in it because I can quickly pull things out. It’s also pretty cute, so that’s nice.”

     Teachers have also observed the overall shift from backpacks to tote bags. Mrs. Rush, West Ranch’s AP Art History teacher, noticed students carrying an assortment of backpacks, tote bags, binders, purses and more. She told The Paw Print, “Over time, I’ve seen more kids, especially girls, carrying things like purses, messenger bags, and totes. I feel like people are really branching out and trying new things.”

     While there are many fashion-forward students ditching their backpacks, there are still students sticking with more traditional options. Aishwarya Sudan, a freshman, said that she is not going to trade in her backpack any time soon: “[Tote bags] are really chic, but I find them a bit inconvenient when it comes to bringing everything you need to school.”

     To some students backpacks provide storage that tote bags simply cannot provide for those who have heavier material to carry in their backpack. The preference between tote bags, backpacks, purses, etc. vary from student to student. 

     So, Wildcats, are you considering getting rid of your bulky backpack? Or do you think old is gold?