New to SCV: A Crumbl Cookies Review

Sabrina Ho and Ashley Park

Crumbl Cookies was at the center of a social media craze across multiple platforms, leading to a highly anticipated opening for Santa Clarita residents. Crumbl Cookies opened on Sept. 23 in The Promenade on McBean and Magic Mountain Pkwy. Prior to opening their doors, Crumbl Cookies’ intrigued customers of all ages as buzz circulated about their menu of changing cookie flavors each week, generous portions and aesthetic packaging. Lines extended far beyond the entrance doors, as people across all ages anxiously awaited purchasing the praised, unique cookies., Crumbl Cookies’ official website, prominently displays that, “Crumbl is a family-owned business and is proud to contribute to the livelihoods of its thousands of local franchise partners, managers and bakers. With each new bakery, Crumbl will strive harder than ever to fulfill its mission of bringing family and friends together over the world’s best box of cookies.”

Crumbl Cookies’ rotating menu consists of different specialty flavors to taste and enjoy every week. For those who prefer the classics, their Milk Chocolate Chip will always be available, in addition to other flavors. 

While the Crumbl Cookies’ Valencia Manager was unavailable for an interview with the Paw Print, we were able to speak with Blayne Schreiner, a West Ranch junior and crew member at Crumbl Cookies. Schreiner commented, “I think what makes Crumbl special is it’s weekly rotating menu. Unlike other cookie stores, Crumbl changes four of six flavors every single week. This allows for a constant variety and keeps customers interested. It also makes it even more worth it when your favorite cookie comes back.”


The week of our visit, their rotating flavors consisted of Classic Sugar, Aggie Blue Mint, Double Fudge Brownie, Funfetti and Pumpkin Cake. The Paw Print decided to try four different Crumbl Cookies: Milk Chocolate Chip, Classic Sugar, Aggie Blue Mint and Funfetti.

To start off, the classic Milk Chocolate Chips tasted like a standard chocolate chip cookie. It came straight out of the oven leaving the cookie warm and gooey. The ratio of cookie to chocolate chips was perfect, leaving each bite with the rich milk chocolate and buttery flavor. 

The Classic Sugar was a buttery cookie topped off with a pink almond icing. The cookie was served cold, but maintained a soft texture in both elements of the dessert. Contrary to its name, the Classic Sugar cookie was surprisingly mild in sweetness and the buttery texture and flavor was the most noticeable taste. 

Crumbl paid a tribute to their hometown college, Utah State University, home of the Aggies, with their Aggie Blue Mint cookie. This unique flavor consisted of a chilled and chunky cookie and cream cookie topped off with a minty Aggie Blue buttercream. The cookie itself tasted similar to an oreo cookie, while the buttercream resembled the taste of a mint chocolate chip ice cream. These two flavors complemented each other well to create a subtle mint flavor.

Lastly, the Funfetti cookie took a twist on the traditional sugar cookie by adding rainbow sprinkles to the batter. This cookie was the sweetest out of them all, but was not overpowering in any way. The cookie was full of a rich buttery flavor with added sweetness due to the sprinkles.  

Regardless of taste preferences and expectations, Crumbl Cookies has become a staple business in the Santa Clarita Valley. Cats, if you are looking for original and creative flavors of cookies to share with your family and friends, stop by Crumbl Cookies and place an order either in-person or through their Crumbl Cookies app.