Have you “Heard-le” about the new Wordle?


   With the growth in popularity of the puzzle game Wordle, many websites with similar concepts have surfaced. If Wordle is not strong enough of a challenge, some variants to try out involve solving multiple five-letter words at the same time, while others apply stimulating concepts or incorporate common interests. The Paw Print selected a few favorites.

Dordle, Quordle, Octordle and Sedecordle

   In some Wordle variants, multiple five-letter words are solved for with similar rules but more attempts. As they are guessed, Wordle’s color-coded system of gray, yellow and green are applied to all words. 

   In Dordle, participants must solve for two words at the same time and have seven attempts to do so. In Quordle, players must decode four words at the same time in nine attempts. Players seeking a greater difficulty can try out Octordle; the game requires players to guess up to 13 times to figure out eight words. If an even greater challenge is desired, Sedecordle requires participants to solve 16 words simultaneously within 21 attempts. Many of these games even offer an unlimited number of plays in addition to a daily puzzle.

   West Ranch sophomore and Sedecordle player Jadyn Tunnell commented on her experience. “Having 16 words instead of just one challenges me more and gives me something more to do,” noted Tunnell. After completing the daily Wordle, players can engage in an extra playthrough and greater challenge to test their problem solving skills.

Meridians and Mathematics

   Academic subjects besides English are incorporated into other variants. Globle is a splendid choice for geography enthusiasts, who must guess the mystery country with the fewest number of guesses possible. Each guess is shown on a globe in a shade that represents its proximity to the mystery country of the day, the warmer and darker the shade meaning the closer it is. The closest border of the guess to the mystery country is also listed in kilometers.

   Nerdle is a great option for mathematician players where a mystery equation must be guessed in as few as six tries, the standard order of operations applying. Tiles glow teal if the guessed character is correct, maroon if a guessed character is present but not in the correct place and black if a character is not in the equation at all.

Singers, Skill and Strategy

   Other versions call for strategy while others take inspiration from popular music artists, film franchises and novels. Many are made for fandoms of these popular interests.

   Absurdle is a Wordle variant that attempts to stump players as much as possible. According to the game’s website, with each guess, the game provides as little information as possible, sometimes even changing the hidden word. Players can make as many guesses as they want and this game can be played numerous times per day, unlike Wordle. 

   Heardle is a music-based guessing game in which players must listen to and guess the day’s song; the song excerpt grows longer with every incorrect or skipped attempt but, just like Wordle, you can only play once a day. According to New Musical Express magazine, the surprise tune will always be chosen from a pool of the most streamed songs in the previous ten years. The game has inspired a few spinoffs, including versions themed to the bands Muse and Paramore, as well as Taylor Swift (New Musical Express). 

   The popular singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has a variant dedicated to her, Taylordle, that can be enjoyed by Swift fans. “It’s just a little bit different because sometimes they adjust the letter limits,” Sophomore Avery Neri noted. “So sometimes it’ll be a six-letter word or an eight-letter word. [It’s] just fun because it’s exciting to see what you know about Taylor Swift.” The game has recently been expanded to incorporate four to eight-letter words that are always linked to Swift in some way.

   BTS Wordle is another Wordle variant centered around the popular South Korean boy band  BTS. The game, like its original, requires finding five words in six attempts, which are related to the group’s career. It is one of two BTS-related games created by fan account @BTSChartData on Twitter, the other being BTS Heardle, which follows the color code of purple, yellow and black that corresponds to the classic code of green, yellow and gray.

   Music is not the only form of popular media culture that has its own Wordle variant; Hogwartle is inspired by the novel and film series Harry Potter. The game is hosted on the free and fan-operated website Hogwarts Is Here, which also offers a virtual Harry Potter school experience with Hogwarts classes, textbooks and clubs. Hogwartle, similarly to Wordle, involves solving a five-letter word in six attempts and a color code system of gray, yellow and green.

   The popularized puzzle game Wordle has inspired a variety of variant games involving multiple words, academic topics, popular interests and strategies. We hope you enjoy our array of options!