Wildcats dress up for homecoming 2022


Last Saturday, Sept. 17, Wildcats dressed up for the 2022 homecoming dance. The “Medieval Night to Remember” had students—with or without a date—dancing the night away in a variety of different fashion styles, from short and long dresses to suits and button-ups. Let’s take a look at what some attendees wore for the night: 

Ethan War, 12th grade

The 2022 homecoming dance was like no other for the class of ‘23. Likewise, senior Ethan War dressed up for the first of his last few dances at West Ranch.

“Knowing that the dress code was semi-formal, I looked to put an outfit together that was somewhat fancy and put-together but also comfortable at the same time. I centered the outfit around the color blue because it is my favorite color, with both the tie and pants being that color, and used a nice, linen dress shirt and a pair of black Converse sneakers to tie everything together,” War explained.

Alex Strayhorn, 9th grade

Although most students went and bought their outfits from stores or online, freshman Alex Strayhorn opted for a different approach and picked out a dress from her mom’s closet. 

Her outfit that night was a black and sleeveless knee-length dress with rows of sparkly gems on the back. She paired the dress with long black socks and low-cut Doc Martens. Also, she styled her hair by curling it, and her makeup look was black mascara with eyeliner.

Strayhorn also mentioned how “the gems on the back are what stood out” while choosing the dress, and she chose to adorn it “because most of her friends were wearing black” also. 

Julia Bautista & Ethan Yim, 11th grade 

Like most couples, juniors Julia Bautista and Ethan Yim attended homecoming together, choosing to color-coordinate their outfits for the night. 

“I knew for my dress I wanted to choose a brighter color than last year. I wore black, and although it was really cute I wanted to try something slightly different this year,” Bautista expressed. She graced the dance in a red, silky Windsor dress that landed mid-thigh. 

Bautista described the immense amount of fun she had dressing up prior to the dance, having the chance to “meet up with friends” and “get all dolled up.” Afterwards, the group headed to Bridgeport park to take their pictures. 

Her date, Yim, wore a light blue button-down paired with black slacks and a red striped tie to match Bautista. He accessorized with black shoes and a black belt. 

At the end of the night, Yim recounted his experience of the dance: “I had a great time with Julia, she’s beautiful.” 


As a whole, the dance was a success when it came to the night’s fashion choices. Wildcats had the chance to explore new fashion, wear something comfortable, or even just enjoy the chance to dress up for fun. Happy homecoming!