Sweater Weather


Isabella Truong and Anika Sachdeva

To prepare for the chill that hoodie season brings, The Paw Print has compiled the differences between different types of sweaters.



The recent popularity of cardigans and sweaters is attributed to Taylor Swift’s song “cardigan” from her album “folklore” and the revival of “Gilmore Girls.” A cardigan is a thicker version of a long sleeve shirt, usually fastened together by a series of buttons. Similarly, a sweater is a mix of a pullover and a cardigan, usually softer and heartier, but equally as lightweight. Both are the epitome of winter and fall fashion, as they are usually crocheted, allowing for warmth to be emitted while also being perfect to throw on over an outfit and snuggle up in the corner of a coffee shop. 



Especially during the fall season, coats are a must-have for those days of unexpected gusts of wind or chilly mornings. Although coats are in many ways a jacket, the sturdier material of wool or cashmere classifies it as formal wear rather than casual. For example, one would throw a coat over their outfit if they have a job interview or wish to fit into the Upper East Side of New York. Of course, coats come in a variety of styles, including the peacoat, trench coat and blazer. 



There are many misconceptions on what a shacket is. Technically speaking, there are two definitions of the shacket. The first definition describes the cross between a shirt and a jacket. For example, a flannel could be worn as both outerwear but also a layering piece. It’s generally not a heavy piece of clothing like coats are, but instead allows for the user to explore layering. On the other hand, a shacket can also be classified as a sherpa jacket, a cross between a jacket and the fuzzy material known as sherpa. 



During the fall, sweatshirts are very common among students. They not only provide warmth, but comfort as well. The hood in the back of the sweatshirt provides protection from rain, and the pocket in the front allows room for storage of small items. Sweatshirts are very diverse as they can be worn with many articles of clothing or accessories, are extremely practical and can be covered in designs such as unique graphics or interesting expressions and phrases. Although the sweatshirt’s original purpose is providing warmth during exercise, over the years it has become very fashionable casual wear. If planned properly, sweatshirts can be perfect to wear on a lazy day while looking presentable.



A great option for those who love the idea of wearing a sweatshirt without the hood is a crewneck. This item of clothing consists of a rounded neckline that is often worn with layers. Crewnecks are popular for the relaxed fit that provides comfort and warmth similar to a sweatshirt. while also being lighter than the hoodie. Often, they are worn neatly with a collared button-down shirt. It presents a well-kept look while also being comfortable and warm. For those wanting to look presentable on a cold day, this type of look is very effective.



Another popular piece of clothing used to keep people warm in cold weather is a jacket. Many confuse coats for jackets because of their similarities. However, coats are long and heavy, whereas jackets are short and light. Typically, jackets are long-sleeved, containing a zipper with a hardier material. They can be made of a variety of materials, from leather to denim. Jackets are perfect for a chilly day due to the lightness and coziness it provides. For those that are hot and cold throughout the day, a jacket is perfect due to its diversity.

Whether you decide on a shacket, cardigan, or even a trench coat, finding the jacket for you that keeps you warm and stylish is all the matters. Stay warm Cats and happy sweater weather!