Fine Art Week: a meaningful commemoration of West Ranch’s artistically talented students


Alyssa Chang and Lauren Guss

   ASB commemorated talented students’ hard work in fine arts (band, choir, photo, theater and more) during ASB’s “Fine Arts Week,” from April 11- April 16. Each day, a different theme of art was represented.


   “ASB was motivated to create this week because we are very proud of the amazing fine art students on campus. We believe they deserve more recognition for their great work, so we are hosting an entire week with the focus solely on them,” explained ASB student Bryce Blaugrund. 


   Kicking off the week, on Monday, students were encouraged to post their favorite music band and tag @westranchasb on Instagram. 


   “I appreciate ASB working to support the arts on campus and to bring attention to our many outstanding students. Often our students don’t seek attention, but their hard work should be recognized and celebrated!” West Ranch’s band director, Mr. Marshall, expressed. 


   Additionally, on this day, a band recruitment video for incoming junior high students was provided, found here. In this film, marching band, concert band and jazz band members shared their experiences in the program here at West Ranch, the opportunities they received, and the lessons they learned. 


   Mr. Marshall explained, “I would encourage students to just give it a try, what do they have to lose?! Band is one of the most successful groups at West Ranch. At the same time, they are also a large family where the students are friends and support each other fully. I would encourage anyone who is remotely interested in playing an instrument to try it out!”


   Tuesday and Wednesday were named “Arts Day” and were dedicated to art, photography, and digital design. The West Ranch ASB website featured a virtual gallery where students and staff could see the hard work some of their peers put into their art. 


   A @westranchasb Instagram post on Wednesday featured outstanding photos taken from all different West Ranch grade levels, displaying artwork from photography students Brandon Catalano, Madison East, Brian Knowles, Autumn Wilson, Andrea Perrine, Eli Christensen, and Madison East. Photography is open to all students who want to join. 


   The last two days of Fine Arts Week, Thursday and Friday, were dubbed “Performing Arts Day” and recognized choir, theater, and dance. West Ranch choir provided a promotional video here for any students interested in joining the welcoming community. 


   Camille Javellana, a Women’s Choir member, was featured on Thursday when ASB featured music and songs on their Instagram. Students posted their favorite song and tagged @westranchasb. Some of the wildcats’ favorites were “When You Sleep” by My Bloody Valentine, “One Day At A Time” by Joe Walsh, and “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift. 


   “‘Camille has a gift for performing, and she wants to pursue music and acting as a career,” expressed Mrs. Peters, Director of the West Ranch Choir Program while describing her experiences with Javellana in ASB’s post. “I appreciate her amazing personality and her willingness to go the extra mile!’”


   As the week came to an end, Bryce Blaugrund added, “Students can incorporate fine and practical arts into their education using the various electives offered on campus. Passions can be used in elective classes, such as photography, culinary, and many others. They are an amazing way to earn credit and explore your interests on campus.” 


   Cats, make sure to look into the amazing fine arts opportunities available here at West Ranch, whether you are interested in the field or just want to try something new!