Magic Mountains Re-opening


Justin Litvak, Staff Writer


   As a result of California entering the red tier, theme parks along with many other attractions and businesses were able to re-open. Six Flags Magic Mountain re-opened on April 1st with guidelines and safety precautions. The park is open for in-state residents only and reservations are required.


   April 1st was the first day that Magic Mountain had been open in over a year; however, many new rules have been set. Masks are mandatory as well as social distancing. Hand sanitizer is also placed in large quantities around the park. Before entering the park, all of the staff and public must have their temperature checked. This is done by simply walking through an area that has an infrared thermometer set up in it. The entire process is contactless. Six Flags has also implemented a no-cash rule; however, guests can exchange their cash at machines for debit cards before entering the park.  Limited capacity is mandatory and is set at 15% for all of the park, which is just a little less than 10,000 people.


   As of April 22nd, only California residents, season pass holders, and membership holders are allowed to enter the park. According to the Six Flags Magic Mountain website, extra safety protocols will be taken, not only in the park but also on the rides. On each ride, every other row will be used and only family members from the same house can sit together.


   Lines in the park are still long, upwards of two hours on the most popular rides since all park-goers must stay six feet apart. Only a certain number of people are allowed into the boarding area to reduce interaction with all other staff members and others in the line. Expect a walk, as the COVID vaccination site takes up a good amount of space in the parking lot, and the bus is not running. 


   As the restrictions are lifted, the rules in the park will be too; just remember that anyone planning to go must have a reservation, must wear a mask, and must follow social distancing rules. Stay safe and healthy, Cats!