West Ranch hypes up their first football game of the year with a spirit week


Gaby Lesmana, Isabella Truong, and Camille Ayson

   As students adjusted to the second week of the new school year back on campus, Wildcats had a chance to represent West Ranch spirit all around campus. For the week of Aug. 16, ASB put together five themes, one for each day, in order to heighten student involvement with earning spirit points for their class. 

  West Ranch ASB initially announced the spirit week on Instagram the preceding Saturday. The post detailed the following spirit days: patterns, sunglasses, jewelry, neon and class colors. A rally to take place Friday was originally scheduled to be held inside the gym. However, due to COVID-19, the rally was moved outdoors, and the spirit theme was changed to Hawaiian day in celebration of the football game that evening. 

   “Spirit days and rally-themed weeks help us to enhance school spirit, while also bringing a little bit of fun-hearted class competition,” said senior ASB member Madison East. She explained that it can be challenging to make their activities abide by the pandemic restrictions, but they “are always trying to do [their] best to make the most out of the situation.”

Spirit Days 

   West Ranch’s first spirit week kicked off on Tuesday, Aug. 17. ASB decided on a theme inspired by “Avatar the Last Airbender.” Each day varied with different options of clothes, accessories and more. If they participated, students were given the opportunity to try cactus juice. 

   Monday was pattern day: students were seen walking around in stripes, floral and even chevron. This was followed by sunglasses day on Tuesday, jewelry day on Wednesday, and neon on Thursday. Friday’s spirit wear was changed from class colors to aloha. The aforementioned COVID restrictions were the main reason for this last-minute decision. 

   East explained that one of the biggest challenges ASB faces is “coming up with spirit themes and activities that the student body will be excited about and willing to participate in.” Despite the concern, the excitement didn’t seem to be a problem during this spirit week as many students were engaging in the themed days.

   West Ranch freshman Vice President Kayla Patel expressed, “I think spirit week is great, I really enjoyed it. I hope we can do more this year even if it’s just for one day.”

   By the time Friday rolled around, West Ranch was decorated with leis and colorful banners. Students were dressed up in grass skirts and floral shirts, prepping for the upcoming football game.

Rally Day

   On the final day of the week, ASB hosted the first pep rally of the year at brunch near the student activities center. Music blasted as Wildcat cheerleaders and dancers lined the sides of an outdoor crossway.

   Students crowded around the area, listening to the loud cheers and music. Eventually, our varsity football team came running out of a blown up wildcat, hyping up the student body for their game that evening. 

   “My first ever rally was pretty fun,” sophomore Isha Santhosh told The Paw Print. “Considering I didn’t exactly get to experience one last year because of the pandemic, this was a good experience.” 

   Once the team exited, different teachers were selected from each grade level to represent their group of students in a hula-hooping contest. The Burrills represented the senior and junior class, and Spanish teacher Mr. Correjter played for the sophomores. The winner was the teacher last standing, resulting in a win for AP Biology teacher Mr. Smith and the freshman class. 

Football Game

   Students had a chance to show their “aloha” spirit at the first football game of the season last Friday. The game was held at Valencia High School, West Ranch’s home field, where Wildcats crowded in the student section. Some showed up in hula skirts, leis, sandals and even coconut bras over their shirts. 

   Since students have not been to a game since the 2019 season, their overwhelming excitement showed through. The volume and presence of the crowd encouraged the football team throughout the game.

   “This year our ASB class is focused on uniting the student body after over a year apart,” East added. Although pandemic restrictions are still affecting regular student activities, make the best of every moment and stay hopeful for upcoming semesters, Cats!