West Ranch Open Library Night is back to provide academic support for students going into finals week


Alyssa Chang and Camille Ayson

   With finals quickly approaching, creating study schedules and forming study groups are effective ways to prepare for the end of semester exams. Open Library Night, in the West Ranch Library, provides students with extra academic support going into final exams. 


   On Monday, Dec. 13 from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M., West Ranch teachers will be on hand in the library to help students.


   All West Ranch students are able to attend without any advance registration. The purpose is to help students prepare for final exams and give them support on any skills they missed throughout the semester.


   West Ranch AP Coordinator Ms. Mapp suggests to “come in with your own work, either final exam review or past assignments,” as there will be teachers from all subject areas, as well as some student tutors, to help out. 


   West Ranch Junior Ethan War is just one of many students planning on utilizing this opportunity. “With the looming pressure of finals approaching ridiculously fast, it’s very important that I get important study time and help on any concepts that I might be struggling with,” War said. “It’ll also be nice to do this type of studying outside of my house as there are a lot of distractions there that might (and definitely will) distract me from studying properly.” 


   War claims that Open Library Night is the perfect chance to study for final exams. As someone taking advantage of the library’s resources whenever possible throughout the year to study and access homework, War hopes that this opportunity will also be helpful as finals approach. As an upperclassman with experience of in-person finals, War recommends others to “continue to pace out the work that is given by teachers while also making sure to not get overwhelmed.”


   Julianne Del Rosario, a West Ranch Freshman, also plans on attending the event after doing independent studying. Outside of the Open Library Night, she is “using Quizlet and flashcards to review and remember stuff that may have been forgotten from earlier in the year and studying with groups.”


   To any Wildcats hesitating on attending, Ms. Mapp enthusiastically encourages them to take part in the extra academic support: “Just come! I promise you it’ll help, and people can still come in with their friends, sit together, and work together, but just get some help if you need it!”