Winter choir concert to hold pleasant surprises and nostalgic holiday tunes


Gaby Lesmana, Lead Design Editor

   On Thursday, Dec. 9, the West Ranch Choir will be hosting their annual winter concert. Featuring familiar holiday music, eerie folk tunes and even a Taylor Swift song, there’s something for everyone at this seasonal spectacular.

   Choir director Mrs. Peters explained the importance of supporting the arts, especially after a time of isolating restrictions.

   “Obviously post-COVID it’s really exciting to see all these events happening that haven’t happened for almost two years,” Mrs. Peters explains. “It’s really also important to celebrate the hard work of the students, [they’ve] been working really hard on this for two months.”

   With the arts department being a common overlook among students compared to sports games, the turnout means a lot to the performers. She adds, “I think it’s always really energizing to know that there are people who support us and who come to the concerts and cheer us on.”

   Mrs. Peters highlighted some common themes present in the concert’s lineup: “[We’re] definitely still processing the last 18 months. I think, you know, we’ve talked a lot about coming together and singing, a celebration of the holiday season, you know, some of the classics; we’re doing [songs from] “The Grinch,” we’re doing “Carol of the Bells.” 

   With such a diverse setlist, every audience member is sure to find something they resonate with. “It’s definitely eclectic but with definitely a focus on holiday music to get people in the mood for the upcoming season,” Peters said.

   Doing these concerts annually, Mrs. Peters always finds a way to experiment with different arrangements and sets. “We have some interesting formations, like we’re gonna be singing for some of the songs around the audience, we have some cool little props here and there, and yeah, if you like Taylor Swift we have a special surprise for you,” Peters concluded.

   Cats, clear up your Thursday evening schedules for a fun, music-filled night to support the West Ranch Choir. Or, as Mrs. Peters advocates, “if you wanna hear really good music” and “just for the sake of art.”

   So come support the choir’s hard work inside the West Ranch Theater at 7PM on Thursday, Dec. 9!