Farmers Markets of SCV

Andrew Hezel, Staff Writer

The local Farmers Markets are popular places around SCV. Santa Clarita has two main farmers’ markets: the Old Town Newhall Farmers Market and the Santa Clarita Certified Farmers Market.

Old Town Newhall Farmers Market
The Old Town Farmers Market started out with eight vendors in 2019 and now has over 40 vendors. This market is one of the most popular farmers markets in SCV. Run by Larry McClements, it takes place every Saturday morning in the Newhall Library’s parking lot.

Alyssa Watters, a loyal customer since 2018, told The Paw Print about her experience at the market. “When COVID started getting really big, I was super worried about the farmers market. I did not go as often as I wanted, but now that COVID seems to be in the rearview, I am always getting my food here,” Watters said.

Watters explained that she usually shops at the market for herbs and farm-raised, non-GMO food.

“All this food here is natural and quality food. I am buying it from the farmer themselves and I don’t have to wonder about what is really in my food,” Watters concluded.

All vendors are personally contacted and tested by Mr. McClements to ensure they are the right fit for the market.

“My family and I only eat food from farmers’ markets. I love to support farmers from the source and know that our food is fresh. Most food in grocery stores can be up to weeks old before it is in the store. Whereas here at Sunrise Organic Farms, the food and berries were either in the ground or on the vine less than 24 hours ago,” McClements explained.

Santa Clarita Certified Farmers Market at C.O.C.
The Santa Clarita Farmers Market at C.O.C includes many vendors, all of which are hosted by Karen Schott, the agricultural commissioner who certifies each shop.

“We have been doing this for a very long time and are based as a non-profit Farmers cooperative. What we want is to make sure each farmer is successful and can make a living doing what they are doing,” Schott said.

The Farmers Market started out in 1994 when the Santa Clarita City Council wanted to establish a farmers market for the city. They reached out to Mrs. Schott to help plan one.

Mrs. Schott shared the progress of the Farmers Market, —“In the beginning, we didn’t have a lot of funky food to begin with but now some of the most dedicated foodies visit us.”

Santa Clarita Resident Bradley Graham loves to visit this market. Living so close to the market, it is easy to come to visit.

“I love all the food here,” Graham expressed. “I live right next to C.O.C. and the food is outstanding. I always buy food for my family here.”

One of the most popular products at the market are strawberries. “I always will buy a bulk amount of strawberries and bring a bunch of them to work, or I will give them to family or neighbors,” Graham mentioned.

Jordyn Johnson is another frequent visitor to the market—“Farmers market food is always so fresh, you can taste it too,” she described. “The difference is incredible, especially when you learn about some of the things in the food industry—mostly that a lot of food can be really old by the time you pick it up.” Johnson loves these farmers markets and goes to a lot of them around Southern California.