New Wonder Woman Ride at Six Flags


In summer 2022, the new Wonder Woman Flight of Courage rollercoaster is set to come to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita. According to the Six Flags website, this ride will debut as the tallest and longest single-rail coaster in the world; it will fly through the sky at a staggering 131 feet or 13 stories height and a speed up to 58 miles per hour when riding.

The coaster will showcase Wonder Woman’s legacy with an account of her superpowers’ origins and the story of her life through tropical landscaping and Greek architecture.

The ride will expand into the DC Universe area of the park, which also will have added a new restaurant, bar experience and merchandise retail locations.

West Ranch students, who are just 15 minutes away from the amusement park, can soon enjoy this new ride. To learn more about this attraction, Six Flags’ website containing more information is linked below.