Wildcat parents attend Back to School Night 22-23


Alyssa Chang, Reya Mehta, and Fiona Hardy

   On Tuesday Aug. 30, West Ranch kicked off the 2022-23 school year festivities with Back to School Night, welcoming parents onto campus. 

   The night began with a speech from West Ranch’s new principal Mr. Fisher, who expressed his excitement about the new year. He was followed up by a welcoming performance from the West Ranch Jazz Band, providing a glimpse into the school’s music program.

   Members of ASB greeted parents and students as they arrived. “We set up flags, printed out pamphlets and taught the newer ASB students how to interact with parents,” ASB senior class Vice President Bryce Blaugrund said.

   Parents were then able to visit their student’s classrooms in a rotating block format modeled after a regular school day. A special broadcast from West Ranch TV included messages from students to their parents, a look into the fall sports teams and a special message introducing Mr. Fisher.

   Back to School Night also provided the opportunity for teachers to interact with parents by introducing themselves, their classroom structure and agenda. Physics teacher Mr. Stanich emphasized that it allowed parents to “get to know who is teaching their kid and a little bit of what it’s like to be in the classroom.”

   The event encompassed what West Ranch has to offer its Wildcat family as it provides the perfect introduction for both new and returning parents. “I’ve learned the teacher’s personalities and classroom organization,” parent attendee Stacy Gust

in said. “It gives a feeling of what my kid’s life is like inside the classroom.”

   Welcome back to school, Cats!