The American Red Cross club holds the Veteran’s Wishlist Drive for veterans in need


Inhyeok Hwang and Fahim Rahman

   On Friday Dec. 2, West Ranch’s American Red Cross Club hosted their annual Veteran’s Wishlist Drive, a donation event that gives back to veterans in the community who are in need of basic necessities. The drive was held during lunch outside of the ASB office and was open for any students or teachers who wanted to stop by and donate.

   Club officer and sophomore Sophia Sadaqatmal explained how the drive works and how the donations arrive to those in need. “We are just collecting donations now. Then, we drive them down to the local Red Cross chapter, and from there, we bring them to local shelters.” Some of the items that were donated include soap, tissues and other sanitary products. 

   However, the drive doesn’t only benefit struggling veterans. Students who are a part of the National Honors Society (NHS) can earn hours for their donations: one service hour for every four items donated to the drive. 

   Beyond volunteer hours, many students simply felt good donating, knowing they likely helped someone else as a result of their efforts. Freshman Mishal Ahmad expressed, “Veterans have done a lot for us, putting their lives on the line for us, and I believe we should try to give back as much as we can. It’s just a nice thing to do, especially during the holidays.”

   This donation drive allowed West Ranch donors to show their appreciation to those who have fought for our country, and students took pride in knowing that they could help spread the holiday spirit to these heroes. Sadaqatmal has a specific philosophy surrounding her part in this donation event/“I think I did make a positive impact [by setting up the drive] because even the smallest bit of action can make a big change.” 

   Cats, if you missed out on this drive and still want to donate, the club is holding another Veteran’s Wishlist Drive in front of the ASB office on Friday, Dec. 9th. Be sure to stop by and support in any way you can!