Key Club 12 Days of Service


Raina Bae, Staff Writer

   In the spirit of the holiday season, West Ranch Key Club is hosting a 12 Days of Service project to help the community. The event is a great way to help those in need as well as earn service hours. There are a total of 12 service projects to complete over the course of 12 days. 

   West Ranch Key Club president Sana Meher explained that “the 12 Days of Service project is based on the idea that instead of having one project a month, we provide our members with 12 activities because this is the season of giving back to our community. So we decided to do lots of activities during this time of the year.” She explained that this event will impact the community by “not only giving help to those around us, such as libraries and schools, we also give help to places that need support.”

   Day 1: Paper Snowflakes 

The first project is creating a nicely decorated paper snowflake, which will be hung up at the Stevenson Ranch Library for all community members to see. 

   Day 2: Donating School Supplies

Donate three or more school supplies for students, teachers and faculty at local elementary schools. 

   Day 3: Thank You Cards for WR Faculty

Write two to three creative thank you cards for the West Ranch faculty members. Add special messages and colorful decorations to show thanks.

   Day 4: DIY Holiday Ornament 

Make one to two colorful, festive ornaments in a way that represents you. Give it to someone you care for.

   Day 5: Food Bank

Donate canned or boxed food to be sent to the food bank. 

   Day 6: Pediatric Trauma Program

Make infographics on at least six pediatric trauma statistics and why the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) matters. These will be posted in our community.

   Day 7: Hygiene Basket for the Homeless

Make baskets that contain a variety of hygiene items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap to help the homeless communities. 

   Day 8: Recycling Cans

Collect eight aluminum cans or plastic bottles and recycle them to help save the environment.

   Day 9: Holiday-Related Origami

Make two or more holiday-related orgamis and gift them to your friends and family.

   Day 10: Raise $100 for UNICEF 

Support UNICEF—answer simple math questions to support UNICEF’s “Eliminate Project,” in order to fund vaccination against MNT (maternal and neonatal tetanus).

   Day 11: Decorated Corner Bookmarks  

Decorate two or more corner bookmarks with encouraging messages for the children at the Stevenson Ranch Library to use while reading.

   Day 12: Picking Up Trash

Pick up 12 or more pieces of trash around the community and dispose of them properly to protect the environment.


   All donation and creation projects must be dropped off by December 18th! Check out @wr.keyclub on Instagram for more information!