California Scholarship Federation Toy Drive Helps Students Give Back for the Holidays


Flora Dezen and Stephanie Khoury

  In honor of the holiday season quickly approaching, the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) teamed up with Santa’s Helpers, a nonprofit organization that strives to help families struggling over the holidays,  to host a toy drive and give back to the community. From Dec. 1 to Dec. 2, CSF members were encouraged to enter room 303 during tutorial and brunch to give toy donations to those who may not be able to afford them throughout the holidays. 

  During the toy drive, West Ranch’s CSF club officers kept track of student contributions before the donations were collected by Santa’s Helpers and distributed to children in need. By the end, numerous toy donations had been collected from West Ranch students. 

    West Ranch CSF club president, Swarada Kulkarni explains that “Everyone deserves to get gifts around the holidays. However, many children do not receive toys because of their financial situation. A program like this ensures that all children look forward to receiving a present on Christmas!”

  Events  like the CSF holiday toy drive are able to give student donors, as well as children who receive these donations, a sense of community and feeling of togetherness. “Participation in these types of programs honestly makes me feel really happy. I really enjoy giving back to the community in this way and providing toys to underprivileged children,” said West Ranch CSF project leader Brennan Leem.

   Community service projects, like those created by the California Scholarship Federation where students give gifts to those in need, bring people closer together and more inclined to make impacts in their communities. The drive connects students with those around them while promoting community service and acts of kindness, and not just during the holiday season. Club events like these encourage students to continue spreading goodwill and aiding others throughout highschool by making students more active members of their community.

  “As president of CSF, I feel extremely happy seeing the very active member participation. Organizing and participating in these events shows me the true meaning of the holiday season – to bring a smile to other people’s faces. We received several boxes full of toys, and I am extremely excited that all of those will be gifted to children who are in need,” concluded Kulkarni.