Suburbia’s Student Art Magazine

Grace Lee and Pauline Santos

     West Ranch’s Suburbia recently accepted student art submissions for consideration to be featured in their 2023 literary magazine. 

     Suburbia is an art club that focuses on empowering student artists by providing them with opportunities to showcase their talent through small projects. One of these projects, for instance, were flipbooks that featured each member’s art. Club officers encouraged club members to share all varieties of art that they are interested in, whether it be writing, fashion or photography.

Suburbia’s latest and biggest project is publishing a literary magazine. Members meet every other Thursday to plan out the magazine’s format. In order to raise money to cover the printing costs, Suburbia plans on holding a fundraising event at Gong cha. With the help of the fundraiser and club meetings, the magazines should be published by May.

     Originally, magazines were published digitally onto the Suburbia website. Nicola Odgec, the club president, emphasizes that the main goal this year is to instead “print physical copies of our magazine for students to read. We have published issues digitally for the past two years, so having a physical magazine would be refreshing.” 

     This literary magazine will consist of student art or literature related work. All varieties of art are accepted, as long as they follow the magazine’s central theme: maximalism.

     Maximalism can be interpreted and expressed in countless ways. Brooklynne Goldin, a Suburbia club member, imagines that it is “the idea of excess and that ‘more is better’ rather than the often-spoken ‘less is more’. In art, maximalism grabs the attention of the viewer with bright and bold colors, size contrasts, funky patterns and anything imaginable.” 

     Another club member, Kaylynn Kim, interprets it as “adding all your feelings into a piece…and it accentuates a person’s personality and their enjoyment.” 

     All students are welcome to be a part of this literary magazine, regardless of if they are a Suburbia member or not. Ogdoc advocates for this by sharing, “Accepting artwork from all students is important to showcase everyone’s talents! We have a variety of skilled artists at West Ranch, and the magazine is the perfect opportunity to show their work to others.”

     Just like Pawprint, Suburbia works incredibly hard to publish outstanding magazines! If you are interested in viewing their previous issues, they are all available on Suburbia’s website.