West Ranch students dazzle at annual FIDM fashion show


Alice Xie and Julia Kremenetsky


On May 19, models, designers and members of West Ranch’s FIDM club hosted their second annual runway fashion show. Twelve designers and over 40 models walked down a runway set up in the large gym, surrounded by friends and family.

   The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) club on campus is dedicated to highlighting the significance of fashion, entrepreneurship and merchandising in a variety of different fields involving design. The club implements these ideals every year in the planning and design process for the fashion show.

   The night began at 7 p.m. when attendees flooded into the large gym with flowers and cameras to celebrate the various designers and models. Once viewers were seated around a central stage, FIDM club adviser Mrs. Coe introduced the club, highlighting the time and hard work each student put into their designs.

   FIDM club president and West Ranch senior Victoria Davis then took the stage to introduce the first collection, designed by Fahim Rahman, Mishal Ahmad, Sophia Ho and Elain Lam, whose designs were modeled around thrifting and upcycling. The next collection by Jadyn Tunnel featured handmade crochet accessories and tops in a variety of textures and colors.

   West Ranch student Michelle Pascault, a model for Tunnel’s collection, described the process of getting ready to walk in the show: “We just got measurements done, and then the designers made the clothes and we tried them on and walked. I walked for two designers, so it was kind of hectic in the middle, but it was pretty fun just walking and everything.”

   The third collection was designed by FIDM vice president Cameron Steen, which was then followed by a collection from club treasurer Hope Hepburn. In addition to creating designs for the show, Hepburn played a role in the behind-the-scenes planning for the event. “This is our second year putting on the FIDM fashion show since COVID,” she explained. “Last year, I was a model and it was really cool—there weren’t a lot of designers, so we really wanted to up it this year and make it better quality to make it more encouraging and classy, and I think it went great! It’s just been hours and hours of hard work. We’ve had tons of meetings with designers, officers and models. We even had model auditions, model classes to train them, model fittings and so much work put into this—it’s been insane, so worth it, and it paid off because this went way better than I even thought it would so I’m happy.”

   This year’s fashion show, which showcased eight collections in total, proved to be an improvement from last year’s three collections. “It was definitely a long process,” FIDM president Victoria Davis explained. “When I originally became president, I was always looking forward to this runway show, so getting into it I was really stressed out, but just seeing how everyone worked together and had such creative visions, we were able to bring it all together in the end. Obviously, it was the models and also the designers because they helped us out a lot to get all the concepts, get the curtains in on time, set up and clean up.”

   After Hepburn’s collection, the fashion show took an intermission and viewers were able to take a break before the fifth collection by Da’nae Reaves and Faith Lawrence was brought out. “My partner, Da’nae Reaves, and I planned our styles together. She had more of a denim and fur look and I had more sparkles and rhinestones and all that. We worked together so that we could combine them well. I liked how the tech styles clashed and I think they worked well together,” designer and FIDM club vice president Faith Lawrence explained.

   A sixth collection by Savannah Thorstensen, which focused on comfort wear, was followed up by a collection from Caroline Dolce that consisted of street fashion themed around the mysticism of the night.

   The last, concluding collection was by FIDM club president Victoria Davis. When asked about her favorite part of the show, Davis responded, “My favorite part was ideating, brainstorming and being able to create mood boards and piecing things together. Just being able to see those same visions come to light is what made everything look so fulfilling and exciting.”

   The fashion show ended around 8 p.m. with a final walkthrough that included the models from all eight collections, set to a big round of applause from the audience. Mrs. Coe concluded the show with a speech to the seniors of FIDM, who were invited to the stage to accept special graduation patches. The night officially ended with a chance for the audience to join the models and designers on the gym floor where pictures were taken, students were congratulated and memories were made.