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Oh(Oh man… not another story about myself. Please no).
Oh, hi. I’m Josh Cho II, one of the two website editors of the West Ranch PawPrint. It’s our duty to make sure that everything we report goes onto the web, and make sure that people know how to paste stories into
Students! Come see me if you don’t know how to post a story, need to know how to create an audio podcast (We can't support video on school grounds, sorry!), or want to know anything about the Web.
So personally… I’m a senior now, and I now feel so old. It feels like yesterday that I just came into West Ranch, and now I’m already here. You can almost always see me with others; don’t feel afraid to approach me! I like to sleep, eat, and chat. I also like music!
But that’s enough about me. Enjoy our website!

F.A.Q: Why are you Josh Cho "II?"
-I joined Journalism a little later than the other Josh Cho. Since we have the same name, it is only proper that I be titled second.

P.S: We are currently looking for a new Web Editor to be our successor. :) (Both Josh Chos are graduating this year!) Please come to our Journalism class if you're interested (Of course, you'll need to qualify).

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