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Skijler Hutson

Skijler Hutson, Design Editor in Chief

Hello I am Skijler Hutson. I am Design Editor for the Paw Print. In addition to the Paw Print, I spend my time as Editor-in-Chief for the West Ranch Literary Magazine, Suburbia. I like Linguistics, Biology, and Global Politics. I spend way too much time on issuu and I can pull up random layout memories and magazine names out of my mind. My ideal fashion style is trousers and big wool sweaters. Unfortunately, there is only about one month per year in Southern California where I can accurately execute this aesthetic, and even then it ends up being way too hot. My goal for this year is to read more (starting with one book per month) so I am writing it down in a public space so the internal guilt of disappointing the strangers that read this will push me to do so.

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Skijler Hutson